[STANDALONE] Fly to Any Airport with a NPC airplane ❤

Hi all!

You can now buy a ticket on an airfield to fly to Los Santos Airport, Cayo Perico Airfield or Sandy Shores Airfield by a NPC!

ESX & Standalone

  • All options are available in the config.lua. You can choose to use this resource standalone or with some extra features from ESX.
  • We used pmc-keybinds to register the keybind.
  • You need Cayo Perico build 2189 OR a Cayo Perico Map.
  • Fly from and to: Cayo Perico, Sandy Shores & Los Santos.
  • Currently only one person per plane supported.

To do

  • Choose between different types of planes and helicopters.
  • Make it so more people can enter the plane.

Price: free
Download: Github
Original thread: FiveM Airports

Greets from the Netherlands!


Nice work! Should work fantastic with my Cayo Perico resource! :stuck_out_tongue: Can you please provide a video? Thanks

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Hey when i try to start the resource it says its missing dependency called DP_framework. What do i do?

Same, :thinking:

You have the answer inside fxmanifest.lua



dependencies {
- -‘DP_Framework’,
- -‘es_extended’

Latest version fixed it. You need pmc-keybinds instead

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You could have submitted a pull request if you wanted to “update” it :slight_smile:

Thanks for this script!

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Hi thanks for checking out.

I wanted to show that flying to Perico could be free since there are paid resources out there for this little function. You’ve got all credits on the forum and on Github since day one, because you are the respective owner of the script.

I actually checked your forum page and didn’t see any activity on the Airport since last year. We just made a new topic to make it hot again :wink:

I’m planning more updates to support all airports and make it more fancy. Just tell me what you like. I can send my definitive version in a PR afterwards

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Added option to use ESX menu instead of NativeUI, update available on Github

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any time we try to get a plane in Cayo it says theres no availiable flights at the moment… help please

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Hi what are your config settings?

Is it from Cayo or to Cayo?


I’m having this error.

Error loading Script client/client.lua in resource DP_NPC_Airplanes: @DP_NPC_Airplanes/client/client.lua:11: attempt to call a nil value (global ‘RegisterKey’)

Stack traceback:
@DP_NPC_Airplanes/client/client.lua:1: in main chunk
Failed to load script client/client.lua

Please help.

Download the dependecy pmc-keybinds

I assume you are using Cayo map, not build 28. I think this resource will not work without build 28 since it searches for IsEntityInZone(PlayerPedId(), “ISHEIST”) ← the island code name

Pilot can be shot and then the flight is over, any fix? Also, when it lands on Cayo Perico, it crash lands into the Cayo Perico sign :slightly_frowning_face:

its not crashing for me sir, but im working on improvements and i added helicopter

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I changed the miljet to a shamal and it doesn’t crash land anymore, at least, not in Cayo Perico. :thinking:

Could you please make it so it lands on the runways and doesn’t do the silly circling nonsense?

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Yes as soon as i have free time left ill finish this resource with enough testings and 2 new features

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