Cayo Perico is Snowing

Hey I installed the new GTA Build with the Cayo Perico iland first a while ago.
In Addition to it I used the Codesnippet from the Forum here that controls weather or not Cayo shuld be loaded in terms of your position.
It worked and still works fine.

But recently I installed the newes GTA Build (tuners Update) and now Cayo Perico is snowing xD
It dosent get effectet by my weather control Script because I can make it rain and Snow at the same time.

The snow is only on Cayo Perico.

And when I say snow I dont mean snow laying on the ground. I mean snow particels coming out of the blue.

I hope you can help me because I am very confused?

Here is a Picture

put this code in any client script

SetZoneEnabled(GetZoneFromNameId("PrLog"), false) -- REMOVES SNOW FROM CP

Thanks it works!
You helped me a Lot

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You could at least credit me lol

Sorry but I didn´t knew you solved this problem ?

it’s fine, but you can find it in my Cayo Perico Improvements in the scripts folder, and it’s written exactly like you have it.

It’s cool :stuck_out_tongue:

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In this case thank you too

It’s a Native.
Did you create it ??