The Cayo Perico Island Available for FiveM

I know like some “add on maps” are above los santos or under los santos, and you do need to teleport to them using hoppers, but the island is in the map, aka same level as los santos, so you go there by driving.

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The fix needs to come from the resource itself, I backed away from it and just forced the native.


Same here there are WAY too many collisions that are left ALL OVER the island, I just worked on a correct build to use and not this mapping…it was a great idea but too many bugs

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yeah i’m also having the problem with way to much invisible walls

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wait, did you actually made a fix to remove the invisible walls? Or didn’t you?

You should try this! [Release] Cayo Perico Improvements 2.0

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Personally if your not planning on moving Cayo your best bet would probably use an IPL loader to call from. It’s alot less stressful on the server as it calls it from the DLC itself. Honestly its one of the main reasons I abandoned the stream version of Cayo I did cause it wouldn’t be worth my time. Not saying you have to use the one I made but it is already configured with Cayo Perico and has a casino I made (well technically copied the design from UncleJust but at least I’m not using his).

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can someone help us ?

We have still objects blocking the road ,
what is the fix for that

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Those who have collision issues have two choices:

  1. get rid of the island resource.
    Use the hopper.
    Force the game to 2189.
    Be forced to use the hopper, therefore you can’t Freeroam there in a plane or boat
    Get weird texture issues in Los Santos due to 2189
    Get weird texture issues in Los Santos due to 2189

Option 2)

Force game to 2189.
Request IPLs
Freely fly there or use a boar or noclip
Have issues with teleporting there and back to Los Santos

Long story short, the only way you can have the island in your server 100% working, is by using the hopper. You will not be able to freely fly or drive a boat there, or noclip, but;

You can walk into a circle that will teleport you to and from the island

The way that I currently have it working in my server is that I fly there. Teleporting there breaks it and it won’t appear for me. I request the IPLs and force my game to 2189.

My resource removes the collisions as well as a lot of other problems, BUT, I think what the majority of you guys are doing, is streaming both the island AND my resource; I don’t recommend doing that. Replacing the island files with my files. IF the collisions are still there, simple solution. STOP using the island resource.

I’m using this bridge, looks pretty cool! Bridge Cayo Perico [SP / FiveM] -

hey how to fix error?

script:Cayo_Perico_Heist Error loading script client/main.lua in resource @Cayo_Perico_Heist: Cayo_Perico_Heist/client/main.lua:2 attempt to index a nil value (global 'BoxZone')
script:Cayo_Perico_Heist stack traceback:
script:Cayo_Perico_Heist @Cayo_Perico_Heist/client/main.lua:2: in main chunk

Hi i got a problem when i drive on the island i am getting stuck with some invisible props or something like that, i dont know why but i cant see some props and i have the last version of the cayo perico

this resource is riddled with invisible collisions, the author needs to remove them.

Yeah i am going do use another type of map, thank you

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So i got a colition bugs so there are unvisible models. How can i fix this?

why is there so many invisible items around the map? 1 second your driving then the next crash into an invisible wall

where can i get the ipls

Search Cayo Perico

uhh ran into this