Cayo Perico Peds/NPC

Unless there is a script im not exactly sure if there is anyway to get peds on the island for a fivem server, I know there are scripts for single player it just won’t work for fivem.

Ok so there is no Chance to spawn NPCs on Cayo at FiveM?

Not like the main island. - only a way places like at the airport etc.

currently. can’t say it wont ever happend

Okay is there a way to places spawnpoints for random peds manually?

Use something like this [RELEASE] PED/NPC Addon Shops, Nightclub, Drugs... UPDATE

But it will be time consuming to get the x/y/z coords of each location you want to spawn a ped at

indeed. but to answar @Mr.Chris: you can make it random, but requied a lot of work.

Hm okay so its not easy possible, thats sad :confused:

easy? thats depends if you know what you are doing. if you want to make it random, you could do it by making a place where you store all the random models you want to spawn. and do so everytime the resource start/restart new peds spawn in from that storrage container you made (where you have stored all the ped models)

Maybe try this ?

that include some ped and fix some bad props, i personally use it i have just remove spawn of airplane cause that not good for RP server Free Access


You can use my resource to have the island spawn in, peds, vehicles etc, or just use the script code and have peds. There’s not many peds but since I made some props solid, peds sit/spawn on them. I haven’t entirely looked into Codewalker for peds yet? Have only just recently done vehicle spawns.

Thanks @davedevils for the shout-out and suggestion :sunglasses:

If you have any suggestions, I’d be more than happy to look into it. People keep bugging me about collision issues however they come from the island resource, not my resource

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I installed this Addon but nothing changed. There are again no peds. I set the server to build 2189

You have disabled ALL related to cayo perico before ?
You need remove the version based on model, remove all you had about cayo perico, then when empty zone do that :

install this : Cayo Perico & Casino DLC IPL Loader – enable cayoperico with IPL
And install this : [Release] [FREE] Cayo Perico Improvements Freeroam And RP 3.1

I can’t provide you ready to use pack since it’s rule of @TayMcKenzieNZ but i’m sure you will fix it :slight_smile:


Clear server cache and C:\Users\YOURNAMEHERE\AppData\Local\FiveM\\cache\priv and try again. It’s not going to spawn a bazillion peds on the island, but there’s a few here and there.

You can however use a ped spawning script and manually add them, doing animations etc, but they will not interact with players, die, ragdoll, get ran over, etc.

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Ok I tried but there are only 3-5 peds I can see and only just one of them there and there like u said. So thats all the addon does?

As previously stated:

I dont know how NPC controllers work but thanks at first for at least some peds :smiley:

I suggest learning then lol. My resource makes the island appear in freeroam as well as Los Santos, cleans the island up, makes vehicles and peds appear, but there isn’t that many peds on the island to begin with.

Yeah ok thanks :slight_smile:

After doing a bit of digging, I’ve figured out how to modify scenario files, which are responsible for adding peds. You’d have to watch some tutorials on nodes, chains and all of that stuff but basically you could add more peds to the island walking around, smoking, fishing, etc etc.

One of these days I’ll probably do it myself, as I’d like to add sea life and other things to Cayo Perico

Stream custom scenarios to FiveM