Cayo Perico Island Invisible Walls

A few days ago i downloaded Cayo Perico from
Link to the resource:

I Played a little time on that island and thought why don’t i search for resources or mods for the Cayo Perico Island. I found a resource that made the island better and cleaner for lag etc.
Link to the resource:

I got into my FiveM server and flew to the Cayo Perico Island and drove for the first time there. But i noticed that there are a lot of invisible walls and trees that are randomly spawned on a road. I tried to search for invisible objects with VMenu, but i saw nothing.

Does someone had or has the same problem and can help me? Thanks already!


I suggest to not “download” Cayo Perico, but use the original GTA V gamebuild b2189 as the FiveM required client version. This is the Cayo Perico DLC. No need to download hundreds of Gb of files, not for you, not for your players. Straight up in the game. No invisible walls either.

+set sv_enforcegamebuild 2189 - replace it with the casino build 2060 if you’re running that right now



I think I already had gamebuild b2185. So what you mean is that i downloaded a big resource for nothing? Then is a gamebuild better than a load of Gigabytes.

Thanks alot!

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