[Release] Server-Sided DLK Pause Maps + Working Minimap / Radar

100% credit goes to:

DieLikeKane for the amazing maps (DLK GTAV FiveM Map Mods – DieLikeKane)

DementedDude (Profile - DementedDude - Cfx.re Community) and Virus_City (Profile - Virus_City - Cfx.re Community) for creating the server sided map scripts

i couldn’t find an existing, public, free resource that used DieLikeKane’s maps and had a working, blur-free minimap/radar. so, here it is (hd atlas map pictured).


i added the missing files to make the new map display properly on the radar and i replaced the original radar map texture from DLK’s resources with a higher resolution texture that fixes the blur issues with the radar.

i’ve included the hd atlas map (map-atlas), the hd satellite map (map-satellite) and a hybrid version (map-hybrid; satellite map on pause, atlas map on radar) from DLK’s maps, you only need to use one. place the folder you choose in your ‘server-data\resources’ folder and add ‘ensure yourmapchoice’ to your ‘server.cfg’ (replace ‘yourmapchoice’ with the name of the folder you chose).

Download your choice on GitHub

check DieLikeKane’s site if you want to see the difference between the map choices (you don’t need to download these, just for reference):

DLK satellite map: DLK HD Satellite Map For FiveM – DieLikeKane

DLK hd atlas map: DLK HD Atlas Map For FiveM – DieLikeKane


This is great I know there’s been quite a few people looking for the minimap version of his maps instead of only the full pause menu. Nice work!


I optimized that loop :slight_smile: there you go, if anyone needs it.

    while true do
        if InCar then

        InCar = false

        ped = PlayerPedId()
        local isInCar = IsPedInAnyVehicle(ped, true)

		if isInCar then
            InCar = true

This is for servers that don’t use minimap on foot.


Finally! You absolute legend! lol


the radar for me is blurry?

Yes this is great, thank you @omgugly

But unfortunatley I’m also finding the resolution on the maps poor, street names blurry etc. Is there a way to fix this?

Also, would you know how I could put a black border/frame around the minimap, make it pop a bit.

the radar for me is blurry?

But unfortunatley I’m also finding the resolution on the maps poor, street names blurry etc. Is there a way to fix this?

so, i think the issue is that the game applies a ‘tilt’ to the radar minimap texture and that tilt creates aliasing on the map. the radar minimap is actually made up of 6 separate 3072 x 3072 png images, it’s the same resolution as the full screen pause map so there’s just no sense in increasing it any further. the game also has a ‘zoom’ level for the radar minimap which you can adjust as well. there’s a couple things you can try if you’re really unhappy with how the radar minimap looks.

option 1
the simplest fix is changing the zoom level in the ‘client.lua’ script. open that up and have a look at lines 17 and 19, they should both look like this:

you can change this number to increase or decrease the ‘zoom’ level of the radar minimap, which is the number between the (). lower numbers actually increase the zoom and higher numbers decrease it. a good starting point, if you’re zooming in on the map, would be 900. i wouldn’t recommend zooming out past 1300 or you will see the edges of the map on the radar minimap. this can help a bit with blur but the tilt is what really causes the issue.

option 2
this fix makes the map look much cleaner but removes the ‘tilt’ completely which means you see a bit less of the map unless you zoom out as well. open up ‘client.lua’ and look at line 15, it should read:

make a new line underneath that line, and add:

if you feel like you need to adjust the zoom after removing the tilt you can use the instructions above, keeping in mind that you added a new line, so you would edit lines 18 and 20 instead of 17 and 19. i felt like the current zoom worked pretty well without tilt but it’s your preference. here’s how it looks without tilt:


i wish there was a better solution but this is probably the best it’s going to get. the game’s default radar minimap was very basic by comparison and just wasn’t designed to show a highly detailed texture.

Also, would you know how I could put a black border/frame around the minimap, make it pop a bit.

you’re going to need to create or edit an existing nui resource. if you’re using ‘esx_status’, like what you see in the screens above (health bars etc), you could edit ‘ui.html’ and ‘app.cs’ to include and style a div with a black border around the screen coordinates of the radar minimap. it wouldn’t be hard but it’s not really on point for the topic here. if you need more help you can dm me

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Thanks for all the detail @omgugly
I should have been clearer re which map I was refering to, however @Saitama5230 said radar, so fiqured the Q’s were related to both. Im not fazed with detail/resolutions on the GPS, I just follow the coloured line & “try” not to crash into stuff.

The main “pause” map is the one that’s low quality/blury for me, all the DK maps seem the same, however I’ve seen twitch streamers with higher quality/resolution map (like on NoPix) so it must be available/possible.

ah ok, i understand. is the map blurry at all levels of zoom? or just when zoomed/zooming in? asking because i think i know what the issue may be, hopefully anyway. i’ll mess with it and see what sticks.

interesting, i’ll have a look at what this has to offer

Its ok zoomed all the way out, but as I zoom in, to find/mark a waypoint for the gps, poor contrast/resolution (not sure the correct term) kicks in, not that I use street names, but they look like I have blured vission, need glasses.

Just a guess here, but perhaps the DK maps were organised back when 800x600 was the norm, whilst these days I’m running 2560x1440.
Ive seen NoPixel twitch streamers run similar resolutions & their maps & gps look fine, so not sure?

got it.

Just a guess here, but perhaps the DK maps were organised back when 800x600 was the norm, whilst these days I’m running 2560x1440

this shouldn’t be a problem, the map resultion is currently 6144 x 9216 (it’s comprised of 6 3072 x 3072 tiles).
as far as i can tell, the big issue is that the game will zoom in to a level well past 100% on the map textures. any image is going to start looking iffy zoomed past 100% because we’re just enlarging the pixels at that point and especially in this case where the textures we have to work with are only 72 dpi. i tried playing with the mipmaps to see if we could cheat better results but had little success. the only chance at getting a cleaner map when zoomed in all the way, i figured, would be to upscale these images to higher resolution and dpi. so, i used ai image enhancement to scale these images to 2x the resolution and 3x the dpi. the resulting images were cleaner but have their own set of issues caused by slight distortion created by the ai enhancement. here’s an example of what i’m talking about, on the left half is the upscaled texture, on the right half is the current texture:

if you view the screenshot at full size you’ll see that the letters and shapes are definitely sharper but now look a bit jagged and some have that slight distortion i mentioned. i’m not sure it’s a worth-while trade off because the slight increase in image quality has doubled the file sizes. either way, let me know what you think. also, if any one else wants to weigh-in on this, feel free.
otherwise, the only other option i can think of would be to reach out to DLK and see if he has a set of higher dpi map textures he would be willing to share :thinking:

Perhaps its my settings, even your right side image looks better than what I get.

Definitely see the sharpness, but as you say, the trade off.
From watching NP3.0 streams, I was under the impression better map/resolution must be available.
However watching Koil yesterday, he zoomed in hard to check out a race route, and it blurred also.
Appreciate the effort :wink:

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thanks for sharing, works brilliantly!

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Great work, thanks for sharing this!

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so does anyone have any recommended zoom level numbers?

Someone sent me this:

If the colored map is distorted as you move the map closer: Add the following into any client file.

SetMapZoomDataLevel(0, 0.96, 0.9, 0.08, 0.0, 0.0) – Level 0
SetMapZoomDataLevel(1, 1.6, 0.9, 0.08, 0.0, 0.0) – Level 1
SetMapZoomDataLevel(2, 8.6, 0.9, 0.08, 0.0, 0.0) – Level 2
SetMapZoomDataLevel(3, 12.3, 0.9, 0.08, 0.0, 0.0) – Level 3
SetMapZoomDataLevel(4, 22.3, 0.9, 0.08, 0.0, 0.0) – Level 4

while true do
    if IsPedInAnyVehicle(GetPlayerPed(-1), true) then


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I’ve added it into my server but its only loading it for the minimap not on the pause map, anyone know how to fix?

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do you have a chance to share the file, the link has been removed

I don’t have it anymore, so no