[RELEASE][PAID] AngelicXS' REP BASED Vehicle Heist


Version 1.1 Update

  • Enable/disable, LEOs from checking the status of vehicles that have had their VIN scratched.

Version 1.2 Update

  • Configure payment modifiers based on what class of vehicle is turned in.
  • Fixes to vehicles not spawning/unlocking.
  • Fixes to error message when back to back heists by the same person occur.

Reputation based vehicle boost/heist/scratch for use in ESX and QBcore servers.

Criminals will go speak to the appropriate NPC to request a vehicle to boost. Each NPC has a different type of vehicle to offer, 4/2 wheel vehicles, helis or boats. After finding the vehicle, police are notified the vehicle has been stolen and are giving a tracking beacon to the car. The tracking beacon is turned off once they make it in range of the drop off point, but are prevented from finishing the heist if police are still to close. If they lose their pursuers they can choose to complete the heist and get paid out, or keep the vehicle for their own at the cost of reputation.


  • An enhanced Config allows the purchaser to customize a large portion of the logic of the script to give each user a more custom built feel.
  • Over 150 GTA 5 native vehicles sorted into vehicle classes, randomly selected each heist.
  • Over 15 different drop off locations and over 400 sorted pick up locations to ensure each heist feels unique.
  • A reputation system will allow users to progress through the system giving them better vehicles as they pull off successful jobs.
  • Enable or disable either Boat or Heli events for you players to boost.
  • Idles at 0.00ms

Tebex ($50): Purchase Link
YouTube Video: Preview

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) Number of lines
Requirements ESX or QBCore
Support Yes

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