[RELEASE][PAID] AngelicXS' Fuel Delivery Job

V1.1.0 Update - Now allows for an optional cash deposit on the mission vehicle

Fuel Delivery Job
Both ESX and QBCore compatible.

Players will speak to the fuel dispatcher to initiate the job, after this they will speak to the dockworker to get sign out a truck and trailer. After going to the Gas Depot and filling the tanker, they will receive be provided a route to a random gas station to deliver to. They can repeat this as much as they want until they return the truck. Payment can be based on the distance travelled or a flat rate.


  • Togglable blips, markers, 3D text and Third Eye usage
  • Idles at 0.00ms
  • Over 20 delivery locations
  • All locations are easily adjustable/customizable
  • Easily adjust payment for delivery

Purchase Tebex- Link
YouTube Video: Run Through

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 800
Requirements ESX/QBcore
Support Yes

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Nice! Can drivers use their own semi?

Yes they can!

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I have an issue with the Config.StartJobLocation NPC not spawning.

There was an issue with client side responses for those using the QBCore framework. This issue has been fixed and the newest version has been pushed.