[Free][Release] Car Flipping Script

Hi all,

Here is another release. This one is both ESX and QBcore compatible.

I have now been in a few servers that lack the ability to flip over a car once I have crashed. So I created a quick car flip script that will ensure your vehicle is can be flipped and is right side up after a crash. It comes out of the box with a /command and is q-target ready. If you want to switch to your particular third-eye solution you will may need to do additional adjustments to the client as appropriate. However, there are plenty of settings to adjust in the config.

GitHub: Link
Youtube Link: Flip Cars

Config Snip It

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Wrong category u should post this on Releases, and pls dont use a loop in third eye is ussules

I am not sure how to change categories, or post in that one to begin with. If a Mod could do so that would be appreciated.

Thanks for the tip; I have removed the loop function from the third eye export.

A config that it can only do certain jobs like mechanics or simple admins would certainly be cool that not everyone can do it and so to speak there are rp for various companies. for serious rp servers I think such a setting is definitely cool

Great idea! I have implemented and pushed the new client/config out.

u tha goat

Finally somebody made vehicle flipping script. Really amazing script indeed.

Does anyone know what needs to be done to make this compatible with the latest qb-target?

Easy enough, on line 120 change



Thank you Sir! I wasn’t sure what the new export needed to be!