[Free][Release] Gang Heist Script


V1.1 - Updates to handling of esx_society (explained config better)

Hi all,

Another ESX and QBcore compatible script.

In the attempt to make Gangs in RP have more incentive to interact I have created a ‘Gang Heist’ script, so that rival gangs can ‘steal’ from each other.

Easily customizable so you can decide who, what and where the actual event takes place and there’s even an opportunity to set a custom minigame if you want. Examples, as always, have been provided.

There is the option to have the stolen money come straight from the society accounts as well (by default supports the regular qb-mangement / esx accountmanagement). If you use other banking/society systems you may need to change that manually.

GitHub: Link

Config Snip It

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Good ideia, nice work :wink:

Any previews?

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There is unfortunately, little to preview. You go to the gang area (as specified by yourself in the config) and either use your third eye or press E on the 3D Text (config option). It is designed so that you can put whatever mini-game you prefer as the ‘hack’ (example in config).

The main benefit is that the script is automatically can handle any society you decided to add the event to, whether it is GANG only, or other WHITELISTED jobs. (Yes, you could theoretically use this so that people can rob the PD society funds)

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If using a Third Eye solution it will idle at 0.00ms, 3D text will idle at about 0.03 when right beside the location.
Actually robbing will depend on what mini-game, if any, you choose to use.