[RELEASE][PAID] AngelicXS’ Mining / Delivery Job


Mining & Delivery Job
Both ESX and QBCore compatible.
Uses either NH-Input or QB-Input.

Players will speak to the mining foreman to initiate the job, after this they will head to their designated mining spot to begin mining for rocks. Once they are done mining they will speak to the worker to sell the rocks they mined. After this they can choose to deliver the rocks they sold to a construction site in the city for additional funds.


  • Togglable blips, 3D text and Third Eye usage
  • Idles at 0.00ms
  • Many different delivery locations in the city
  • Visual cue for delivery status
  • Configurable AFK mining prevention
  • Optional item requirement & optional item break chance
  • All locations are easily adjustable/customizable
  • Easily adjust payment for selling and/or delivery

Purchase Tebex- Link
YouTube Video: Run Through

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 950
Requirements ESX/QBcore & either NH-Input/QB-Input
Support Yes

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