[RELEASE][FREE] AngelicXS' Free Vin Scratch

Free VIN Scratch for FiveM

I have created a free vehicle heist for use in ESX and QBcore servers.

Criminals will go speak to the VIN dealer to request a vehicle to boost. After finding the vehicle, police will be provided a tracking device to chase the criminal. Once in range of the drop off point the tracker will turn off and the criminal will need to lose the cops in order to complete the drop off. At drop off they will have the choice to keep their vehicle and have it added to the garage or deliver the vehicle for payment.


  • Config allows for a highly customized heist
  • Over 20 pre-included vehicles to be selected randomly each heist
  • Over 8 pre-included delivery points to be selected randomly each heist
  • Over 125 pre-included starting points to be selected randomly each heist
  • Idles at 0.00ms

YouTube Video: Run Through

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nice one bro

Hi, I just downloaded the script and installed it on mi ESX server but I have a problem.
My problem is that when I press “E” on the NPC, it sends a notification saying “Huh, what´s your rep like around here?” and i cant press “E” again. I´ve tried to change the PED coords, vehicles with hases “Config.RequireMinimumLEO” set to false but I dont know how to fix it.

Did you receive any errors that you are able to share?

Not even a single one, no errors

Found the error, I somehow forgot to update the config with the correct version. The old config had used jenkins hash which was giving me problems. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I have fixed the problem though!r Please get the newest version of the config and it should now work!

Hahaha nice, thanks dude!

considering buying the paid reputation version of this however I’m using this free version to test it out and see how it works and if I like it, upon testing I discovered a pretty critical issue… The npc does not spawn unless i restart the script whilst im on the server. Even after doing that and getting the npc to spawn when I relog she is gone again. This means that the only way for this to work atm would be if the script was restarted every time a player joins the server which just isnt practical, any help with this? :slight_smile:

Regardless if you get the paid one or not, I will still support both. What framework are you using and are their any client side or server sided errors?

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Esx v1 final (1.2) and no errors that I can see, she simply just isn’t there when people log in but will appear if script is restarted but only for people online during the script restart anyone who logs in after can’t see or interact with her

police dont seem to get the tracking blip , no errors or that showing.

Try replacing the client.lua attached in this message. Let me know if NPC spawn issue is resolved.
client.lua (27.0 KB)

No promises :man_shrugging:.

yeah at first glance it appears to have resolved it, what did you change?

Defined player variable to within the loops rather than at the beginning of the threads.

I thought I had fixed that :flushed: thanks for looking at it, I will update the github right now.

I have made a new update to the tracking blip logic; please pull the newest client and see if the fixes the issue.

I did a mission and vin scratched a vehicle it disappeared and said it was delivered to my garage. The vehicle never showed up in the garage. We are using QBCore. The script says its suppose to go to pillboxgarage. Im not sure what the issue is other then that the script is running fine.

Are you using regular qb garages or a different garage script?
is your database table for player vehicles the default name?

yes it is default qb garages and the database table is player_vehicles which I believe is default

Are there any errors client or server side?

If not I recommend heading to my Tebex store and reaching out through the additional support options there for a more in-depth diagnostic.