[PAID] [Standalone] [ESX] [QBCORE] HOTTUB

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Price is 30€ + tax


New HOTTUB System.

Fresh breeze into GTA V Roleplay. Together we’ve made a whole new asset, which is usable and useful in a variety of roleplay situations. Ladies and gentleman, we present… THE JACUZZI. Models of the jacuzzi were custom made by Sempre, and scripting of the jacuzzi was done by Kanikuly. This is a whole new, and unique GTA V asset.

You can spawn a jacuzzi via config, just type in the coordinates of the whirlpool, and choose a color and type. You can spawn an unlimited number of hottubs.

It’s also possible to spawn a hottub via item, so you can give the player a hottub item and they can place it anywhere. Or you can put a hottub item in a shop, and the player can then buy it.

Jacuzzi has a cover system, so when it spawns it is closed, and you have to open it.

Our hottub has a sit system that offers 8 seats, just press for example E or you can use target, then the player sits down.

The hottub can be controlled via the control panel.

The hottub has a light system, you can change the color of the lights, you can choose from 10 colors, you can turn on the RGB function, and also adjust the speed of the color change.

The hottub has a nozzle system, when the nozzles are turned off, the water is calm, and when they are turned on, the water boils.

The hottub also offers a TV object that you can slide out via the control menu, if you want to play videos on the TV object, you need to have a script for the TV, which you can buy from us, or you can use any other TV system. You can buy the TV here.

Jacuzzi offers 3 different colours, and also 2 types, without steps and with steps.

Our script is completly synchronized between players.

Script is completely standalone meaning you can use it with whatever framework you’d like to use it with.(The exception is for spawning a hottub via item, this is only for QBCore, and ESX, but it is also possible to use this feature for standalone version if you edit the code, which is editable.)

You can change the color of the interface in the config.

Everything needed for the HOTTUB is included in the price, script, models.

This product is protected via Escrow System, you can still configure almost everything in config.lua, language.lua, and you can also change it’s style in html.

➤ Synchronized

➤ OneSync Infinity Ready

➤ Easy to install

➤ Standalone

➤ ESX/QBCore Special Feature (hottub placing via item)

➤ Configurable

➤ Good optimization (0.01ms)

➤ Configurable interactions with hottub through qtarget and qbtarget

Purchase on Tebex.
Price is 30€ + tax

Theme Park
Water Park
Gym System
Club 77
Car Radio
Car Lift
Neons Reloaded
Gift System
Positionable Hud
Mission Row Shops & Apartments
Traffic Islands
Legion Square Shop
LSC Enhanced
Weaponary Bunker

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 2500
Requirements N/A
Support Yes

this is awesome.


this is an E-GIRL’s dream!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Just love it im waiting for Sempre and Kanikuly to make Streams from it


wait so for 36 euros we dont even get the jacuzzi?

"Custom model of the jacuzzi and other models are needed, in order for the script to be fully functional. "

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You will get EVERYTHING that you need of course! Maybe we wrote it wrong, but thats in the “what are you going to get” section, which means that you WILL get all the models etc. :slight_smile: So you will get models, script and all three packages !


you will get everything but for the tv you need rtx_tv

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30 euro? you must be joking right?

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make it yourself if its to expensive


Thank you :heart:

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We are not joking. This is something completely new and unique and it took some time and most importantly knowledge to make it. Its our decision how much it should cost.


I appreciate the time and effort gone into it and respect the fact it is yours to price as you see fit, but my personal opinion is €30 is a bit steep, I’m sure it will make a good profit though as like you say its the first of its new and unique.


oh hell nah. i understand now. so i have to pay 30 euros plus 48 more euros just to fully use this script? thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard. ill pay 30 if the tv comes free but in no way is this worth it.

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Hello mate, you missunderstood that. The TV is just an “bonus” function at first, but! You can use ANY TV SCRIPT you want, because that TV is just an prop okay? You don’t have to use our TV script.

So that’s the first thing.
And the second thing is → our product is worth of 30€ even WITHOUT the TV brother. Fundamentals of the jacuzzi are other functions and not just a TV.

Little dissclaimer: if our TV script would be part of the package, it would cost much more. You need to learn how to appreciate time spent and knowledge used on the product. Have a nice day!

This is very cool! Nice job! And the TV to top it off, crème de la crème! I don’t know why people are complaining about the price, there is obviously a lot of work involved with this resource.


bro cmon just shut up you would not even manage to open 3ds max whats your problem if it’s too expensive for you just keep scrolling but dont spread bad vibes he worked very hard for it in this forum is no place for hate. critic is allowed but keep the respect

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I see it, well more than that can be a vip items, on your server you have the power to get good benefits.

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Thank you!

how would i use another tv script as i have loaf_tv

Yes you can use some different tv script.