[PAID] [Standalone] [ESX] [QBCORE] Car Lift (4 types)

Purchase on Tebex.
Price is 10€ + tax


New Car Lift system.

Our script offers 4 different types of lifts.

You can spawn an unlimited amount of lifts wherever you want.

Our lifts are synchronized in-between players.

Anybody can control the lift, or you can choose if only some specific jobs can use a specific lift. (This feature is only for ESX and QBCore framework).

Our lift offers an Interface in which you control the height of the platform.

You can freely decide when to stop the lift while raising the platform.

Controlling the lift is also possible by pressing a button while in proximity of the lift.

All interactions are possible via 4 different systems (via our system, via 3D texts, via help notify, via target).

You can also enable target, so you can open the menu through target (qtarget, qbtarget, oxtarget).

The script is completely standalone meaning you can use it with whatever framework you’d like to use it with.

You can change the color of the interface in the config.

The script is protected via Escrow System, you can configure almost everything in config.lua. You can also change the style on html.lua.

➤ Quality code

➤ OneSync Infinity Ready

➤ Easy to install

➤ Support included

➤ Standalone

➤ You can spawn a lift anywhere

➤ Interractions via our system, via 3D texts, via help notify, via target

➤ Configurable

➤ 4 types of lifts

➤ Good optimization (0.01ms)

Purchase on Tebex.
Price is 10€ + tax

Theme Park
Water Park
Gym System
Club 77
Car Radio
Car Lift
Neons Reloaded
Gift System
Positionable Hud
Mission Row Shops & Apartments
Traffic Islands
Legion Square Shop
LSC Enhanced
Weaponary Bunker

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1000
Requirements N/A
Support Yes

Amazing !!!


Well, there goes the fun of deleting a thousand lifts after a mechanic spawned just one :c
All jokes aside, great job. c:


:top: :top:
Amazing work


Does this replace the existing or take over existing props of the same model name or would we have to place them with script instead and remove from maps.

You need spawn lift via config, you need remove old lift from mlo, if you need help with removing old lift from some map you can contact us.

Thank you

Impossible made possible.
Great work RTX DEV.

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WTF Never seen better script.
Bought it and everyone on my RP server loves it.
RTX is best for Roleplay.

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Yeah it makes me wish I didn’t by the other one I have tbh haha. But I might get this too since more variety. Though, I do prefer the interface style of the other one which is direct instead of a menu. But this one is excellent!

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Thank you :sparkling_heart:

Thank you :sparkling_heart:

Car Lift got a new update!

It is now possible to turn on interactions with lift through oxtarget.

It is now possible to detect if vehicle is on lift via our new function exports[“rtx_carlift”]:IsVehicleOnLift(vehicle)

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Car Lift got a new update!

All interactions are now possible via 4 different systems (via our system, via 3D texts, via help notify, via target).

Complete rewrite of synchronization code

Car Lift got a new update!

It is now possible to create car lifts through our creator directly in the game, just enable the function in the config, and then create car lifts through the “carliftcreator” command in the game.

Thank you all for your support. :sparkling_heart: :rtxdev:

do they stick after restart or do you have to replace them?

They are on the same place after restart.

Car Lift got a new update!

Everyone, please download the new version of Car Lift

All known bugs have been fixed.

Added option to change the target system name if you are using a custom name.

Added the ability to turn on your own job system via trigger events, so you can use car lifts that are only for jobs on standalone servers too.

Thank you all for your support. :sparkling_heart: