[PAID] [MAP] Club 77

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New Club 77 Script/MLO.

Club 77 was originally made as a custom order for the streamer Orangemorange, or Scurrows, if you like, and his big German server FamilyLife.

We decided to offer this beautiful club to the public, and you have a good opportunity to finally own the club!

The entrance hall of the club was inspired by Berghain in Berlin, and with the hallway down there, it creates a nice feeling when you enter the club.

Before you enter, on the first infinity dance floor in GTA V, you should take a photo in front of the "Instagram wall’'. Around

The dance floor, you can find six seating areas for regular customers and a bar in the middle.

Next to the bar are toilets, a changing room, and a storage room with direct access from the bar.

On the second floor is the regular VIP area, with a huge couch and a nice view of the dance floor.

There is also super secret VIP area with many ways to entertain yourself and an even better view of the whole club.

From this area, you can enter the luxurious owner’s office with a super secret room, which contains guns, drugs, a watch collection, etc. And what do you do when the police arrive? You can use the back exit from the club, which is almost unnoticeable from the outside.

This package includes the club script with a custom menu (you can set permission to open it for the players).

There are three types of lights and three effects for each light, which you can change to your liking.

You can also turn on smoke on the dance floor and even change color of the smoke. All effects are synchronized between players.

This script/mlo is protected via Escrow System, you can still configure almost everything in config.lua, language.lua, and you can also change it’s style in html.

➤ Synchronized between players

➤ Quality code

➤ OneSync Infinity Ready

➤ Easy to install

➤ Support included

➤ Standalone

➤ Target support

➤ Configurable

➤ Bug free

➤ Made for roleplay

➤ Good optimization (0.01ms)

Purchase on Tebex.
Price is 50€ + tax

Theme Park
Water Park
Gym System
Club 77
Car Radio
Car Lift
Neons Reloaded
Gift System
Positionable Hud
Mission Row Shops & Apartments
Traffic Islands
Legion Square Shop
LSC Enhanced
Weaponary Bunker

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1000
Requirements N/A
Support Yes

The Amazing Club (Top tier MLO)


Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you.

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We have a couple of scripts from you and not gonna lie we are all happy about them and their features.

Had a problem with the Television script but they offered us a reduction on something else we wanted so all good. Having a solution to any kind of problem is what we, customers who spend a lot of time with the growing communities from our servers need. We don’t always have time to create fancy scripts and when we buy some, we want those scripts to be good, to have a good after sale service and to know that those devs will still be here in 4 months if we have any problems.

Also the prices overall are good, you pay some quality and time spent on the scripts.



Thank you for your recommendation, we really appreciate it.

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Thanks for review, we really appreciate this <3

Where is this MLO located at on the map?

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Do you mind sharing the logo for the club in PNG transparent format?

Contact us by private message

i own club 77 in our server but I don’t know how to enter the secret room?

Contact us by private message

need private dancing room…

How do I put the song on Club77? Is there already a script for this?

Its doesnt include the song player, only menu for smoke and lights