[PAID] [MAP] Traffic Islands

Because of high demand we created traffic islands for your server. You can find 5 traffic islands. Four of them are on Legion Square and one you can find in front of the Pillbox Hospital. There are lights, so at night palms and plants are lighten up. There is no modification of any GTA files, all is just addon, so it will perfectly work with any of your mappings around. Map is protected via Escrow System.

➤ 5 traffic islands (four of them on Legion Square and one in front of Pillbox Hospital)

➤ Night lights

➤ Realistic mapping

➤ Easy to install

➤ Optimized

Purchase on Tebex.
Price is 12€ + tax

Theme Park
Water Park
Gym System
Club 77
Car Radio
Car Lift
Neons Reloaded
Gift System
Positionable Hud
Mission Row Shops & Apartments
Traffic Islands
Legion Square Shop
LSC Enhanced
Weaponary Bunker


hows this work with pillbox and your legion square shop? any conflicts on the collisions and/or occu?

Hello, there are no conflicts at all because I dont modify any GTA files, this all is only addon. :slight_smile:


How do NPCs react to them? I’ve seen certain things be really glitchy where they don’t know how to get around them since they don’t ‘recognize them’ as an actual thing.

Why do you have MLO in the title? This is not an MLO haha.


Hello, I’ve tested it with NPCs and it was actually bug free, because I did it quite same as the lines on the road. If you would have a problem, we provide also support, so we could solved it.

Little mistake, we are sorry :slight_smile:

looks great, do you plan on adding to this?

Hello, thank you ! You mean like updates ? Well, if people give me some ideas what you would want, then I can make maybe more traffic islands as an update, thats fine. But it needs to make sence.

I mean do you plan on adding more islands, love they way this looks and would love them to be all over LS

Well it depends… I have no problem to add more those traffic islands in the future as an update. But customers need to want it you know. If there will be demand, it’s no problem. :slight_smile: As it takes 0 FPS, it’s fine.

I’ve bought this, but it doesn’t work

Provide us transaction id for solve your problem, but in database i see you bought Legion Square Shop, and our maps is protected via fivem escrow system, so you need have map on same keymaster account like your server license key.

I did that, but I couldn’t use it. The server recognized the map, but the map didn’t change

Hello, we checked it but you bought Legion Square Shop and not Traffic islands.

God, I just found out. Why store links are here. It’s easy to confuse

I bought it again. It can run normally

Thank you for your purchase, I hope you will enjoy your new map :slight_smile:

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Just love it

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