[PAID] [Standalone] Neons

New Neons script from the RTX Dev Team, you can change the animations and neon colors with script containing the RGB palette. The user configuration is stored in each car separately. You can even increase or decrease a speed of the animation and changing of the RGB colors. Script is standalone with ESX special functions, user can add neons to car with item that he uses and then he must use controller to manage neons. Script is not encrypted, you will get a source code.

➤ Color changer (RGB)

➤ OneSync Ready

➤ Good optimization (0.01ms)

➤ Configurable

➤ Easy to install

➤ Standalone

➤ ESX Special features

➤ Neon animations

Purchase on Tebex.
Price is 10€ + tax

Theme Park
Water Park
Gym System
Club 77
Car Radio
Car Lift
Neons Reloaded
Gift System
Positionable Hud
Mission Row Shops & Apartments
Traffic Islands
Legion Square Shop
LSC Enhanced
Weaponary Bunker


Sick script man!!

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Very nice!

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Attempting to purchase this but Tebex won’t accept any of my payments.

Does this do the headlights too or just the underglow?

Only neons, its doesnt changing headlights.

Really cool, thank you very much for this great script that raises our tuning rp to another lv

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Awesome work bro!!


Thank your for release :smiley:


Any other way to purchase this? Tebex keeps fucking me over.

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No, we only use tebex.

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the script works great but there is a problem we can use the controller on every player car regardless of whether the neon box is built in or not is there a solution?

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Neon controller work for every cars which have installed neons in car via neonbox.

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I can use the controller for cars that do not have a neon box built in, i.e. a car with the box and a car without the box and with both I can use the controller oO

Thanks for letting us know, we already fix it, on your email you can download update.


uff first of all thanks for the support and the quick help that gives over 9000 points out of 10

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Always here for you.

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really cool but can you make a wheel camber system inside it? with the vstancer?

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We will think about it.

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ok i hope!

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