Poster Placement Job

Poster Placements
Simple resource where you can place posters for a job.


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Simple Job - Go to the nightclub to receive posters, place them around the map, return to get paid.

Included Coordinates - In the resource there are 65 coordinates by default for the job, but you can always add more.

Optional Difficulty - Included there are two options for this job. The first is where you can place the posters as you please, without restrictions. With the second option, you are given specific locations to place the posters. There is also an option that makes it so you cannot place posters in the same locations, even between jobs.

RNG - Easy configuration options added for minimum and maximum values such as how many posters you receive and how much money you get paid for each placement.

Unlimited Potential - If you don’t like the posters included it is easy enough to create your own textures!

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I really like it. But how much is this resmon value?

DrawPoly(green circle) s may be consuming a little bit ms. Do you have a solution for this?

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Idle is 0.04ms
Peaks at 0.16ms during the animation
In the scripts configuration, there is an option to toggle the markers on and off.
If you need more than that, the full code is available so you can change as you wish.


Cool idea


I like it, but is it standole, esx or QBus?

Standalone, no requirements at all

Very nice, tell me plz, Are poster images customised? Can you customize in OpenIV? using photoshop

Yes, it should be fairly easy to replace the textures or create add-on models if you have experience or follow a tutorial. The posters included are default.


i will buy it for sure :slight_smile: tks men

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If you need any support afterward feel free to open a DM :slight_smile:

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the script dont have a stream folder with the props of posters ? for change on photoshop like you said earlyer

You will need to use OpenIV to export them. They are part of the mpbattle DLC.
If you are having trouble with this I can send them to your inbox.

yes plz

Files have been added to the resource for easier access

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Thanks for linking my tutorial <3

Standalone is not really useful for many here. Would it be free, I’d probably add a ESX support but since it’s pad - can you do that?

It works with any framework. ESX, QBCore, etc.
The source is included so you can modify it as you’d like :slight_smile:

Sure I can modify it, but not if I’m paying almost 10€ for it. anythanks, have a nice day

We apologize!
This resource was released before the escrow system was available, and it has since been updated.

Now the resource includes the source code as it originally did.
If you are able to, reach out to us through the contact information provided in the readme and we will get this resolved as soon as possible :slight_smile: