[Job] Dog Walking

Dog Walking
A relaxing job for the day after a night out of killing people with the gang.


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Zone Generation - When starting the job a zone is generated. All of the future locations are located in this zone.

Dog Pickups - After arriving at the generated zone, you will need to pick up dogs from their houses. When in range of the house, the dog will appear and start following you.

Job Requirements - The dogs have to be walked for a certain amount before they go to the bathroom. After all of the dogs have ‘watered the flowers’, they are able to be taken home.

Added Difficulty - While walking the dogs, there is a very small chance one of them will run away. All you need to do is catch up to them and they will begin to follow you again.

Standalone - This resource works alone with no requirements. It is compatible with every framework (esx, vrp, qbcore, etc)

Source Included - There is no encryption with this resource and it includes 100% of the code.

Available now on Tebex.

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Best ideaaaaa :rofl: it’s sync script? Other pleayers will see that you are with dogs?

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Yes, the dogs are networked and should sync with all players! :smiley:

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That’s cute

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Is it possible to built is as a normal job which you can choose from Jobcenter? :slight_smile:

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Should be extremely easy to do, just need to add a check to the command.
We offer support with all of our resources, if you need help we are more than happy to assist you! :slight_smile:

Hi could you help me out as how to make a command within your script to stop the job and remove blips etc if the players aren’t finished and want to go do something else? :slight_smile:

Of course! Open a ticket for support and we can help you as soon as possible :heart:

yeah but where? :joy: i didnt see any way to reach you guys

There should be contact information in a readme file…
We will forward this to your inbox shortly

This is incorrect, after purchasing the script. There is one issue with it. Thats being you lose control of the dog if someone was to kick the dog for example. Because they then take ownership of the dog. Which I thought was going to be the case before the server owner purchased

But the dogs are networked, no?
This is a bug and should be treated as such, we can have a fix for this soon :slight_smile: