Gang Activity

Gang Activity
Ambient and interactive gang activity


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Ambient Activity - Gangs fight or taunt each other without any player interaction. (optional)

Relationships - Configure which gangs are allies or enemies, enemies will shoot on sight or just taunt each other, allies will help out in case of a confrontation. These are configured by default.

Police Recognition - The gang members will run from police if their lights are on, or if the gang member has a gun in their hand. This can be useful when the gangs would normally start shooting at the police.

Gang Initiation - To join a gang the player can walk up to any gang member and be initiated. This will make the surrounding members jump the player. You are able to choose how many of them attack you at once and how long the initiation takes (default 15s).

Color Detection - If you drive the wrong colored car in the wrong neighborhood, you could have some serious consequences… Gangsters will shoot at player-driven cars that are the colors of their enemies. (optional)

Highly Configurable - Included is a configuration for all of the vanilla gangs. Ballas, Families, Vagos, Lost, MG, Aztecas, Triads, etc. There are options for the gangs’ description, allies, enemies, and the colors that they use. The resource includes no assets.

Standalone - There are no requirements for this script such as ESX, QBUS, vRP.

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You are crazy man, I love you

this is pretty f#cking lit tbh

this meant to be only two files on download? just verifying, seems to not be working but fitting to be restarting to verify

Very cool!

Yes, the resource is compact :slight_smile:
We take pride in the support we provide with our resources, if you need anything please let us know!

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Obfuscate / ip lock?

No, the resource comes with the full source code

Hey! So i just bought this script, and so far its amazing. Lots of fun RPs in the first 3 minutes.

1 Question we are facing however, is how to leave a gang?
We tested getting jumped in by the green gang, was initiated, then recruited some members.

after we were done, we couldn’t “leave the gang” or “dismiss” the recruited member. Is there a command im not seeing for leaving the gang and dismissing members?

Glad to hear you are enjoying the resource!
There’s not a command for dismissing members, but that’s something that can be added if you need :slight_smile:

Yes please, I’m on the verge of buying the script. This would be a huge selling point.

Yeah this would be highly appreciated!

We noticed that if you join a gang, you basically have to relog if you want to either switch gangs or stop being in a gang - which can be pretty frustrating.

The script has been updated with commands to leave the gang and dismiss members!
Thank you for the suggestions :heart:

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Thank you for the quick update!!

original download link?

Yes! All updates are provided at the original links though some users may need to use a private browser as sometimes the files are cached :slight_smile:

How do I tell the script that I’m an admin? I get an error in the console when I try to use forcegang.

Oh, so apparently if a player kills me, they don’t react. Is there any chance that you can make it so that they react to another player attacking you?

Half of the NPCs on Forum Drive wearing green are considered “not in your gang” for some reason. I also seem to have encountered a bug where I recruit and NPC, they quit their idle animation, but then don’t act like they’re recruited; they don’t follow, or pull out their guns when I do.

Is it just me, or do dead group members never despawn? I think the problem is that dead group members aren’t removed from the group or something…

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The admin commands use ace permissions. You can grant permissions to admins or modify the command as the resource isn’t encrypted.

The gang you are in should react if you are targeted by default.

Sometimes there are issues and conflicts with other resources… Something that is only working half of the time is usually more difficult to fix. We offer great support via the link provided in the resource, come and open a ticket and we can help you solve these issues :slight_smile: