Home Invasions

Home Invasions
Simple home invasions with advanced loot generation.


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Weighted Generation - Each item has a rarity assigned to it, this controls the item’s rarity in relation to other items. If there are fewer items, the item will be less rare. There are also settings to set a limit to how many items can be generated.

Size-Based Placements - Items are assigned sizes that determine where they will be generated. A large plant will not spawn on the table and a chair will not be placed on the counter.

Item Groups - Specific groups are able to be assigned when configuring an item. So that things that would be in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, etc will be in the correct place.

Synchronized Scenes - Multiple players are able to enter the same robbery. This could be an accomplice, police, etc. All they need to do is go to the mission entry and enter after the person who started the job.

Added Difficulty - Sometimes animals will spawn inside the home. There is a chance of cats or dogs, and another chance for them to be aggressive or just sleeping.

Interactive Looting - When hovering over an item that can be looted, a small cursor will pop up. When the item is taken a chime will play and it will fade away smoothly. This item would then be added to your inventory.

Standalone - This resource works alone with no requirements. It is compatible with every framework (esx, vrp, qbcore, etc).

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Hey there !

First of great work here ! I love the fact that burglaries are dynamically generated making it unique pretty much each time ! Also loving the fact that it can be co-op that’s a great addition to roleplay servers !

However, I do have a few questions :slight_smile: here is the list :

  • Is the reselling process of stolen items implemented in the script or would I have to create a blackmarket of my own to make this happen ?

  • Will the cops be alerted on a random basis if the home alarm get’s triggered for example ? If not could I add it within your script by modifying the source code ? That’s provided the source code is available to modify

  • What are your planned updates ? For example, do you intended on adding human peds into the generated shells to add aven more difficulty ? Those could be either sleeping or attacking the robber depending on the situation. The robber would have to be very quiet not to wake them up at times for example.

All in all awesome ressource :slight_smile: Will probably buy it depending on your answers to my questions !

Thank you very much in advance for your time and answer :slight_smile:

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As most servers have some way to sell inventory items (pawn shop, etc), the idea was the items would be placed in the players’ inventory as it’s usually really simple to set up. Adding an internal inventory would also be simple to do, and we are willing to do that if needed.

There is code for this included already, it just needs to be modified to work with your server/framework.

At the moment there aren’t any planned features in specific, we are open to suggestions! More urgent things are usually updated within a day or two.

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Is this encrypted ?

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Only a fraction; most of the code is able to be read and edited.
The unavailable features include the generation logic on the server-side and some of the math on the client-side.
There is a large configuration for the generation and you will have no problems editing the rest of the script :slight_smile:

For sure gonna buy when i get home, how is the quest triggered? Is it trough an item in the inventory with random percentages to get a quest or is it the typical NPC?

Also how are the entrances? While a crim might have to enter trough a window could the police enter trough the door?

Is there a config for the police chance so the police don’t get a call for every break in?

Still an amazing resource tho!

How do you get the house robbery? is it the same property everytime? is it mulitple property’s? do you have to goto someone to get assigned a house to rob?

By default, it’s a command. Items or NPCs are really easy to add/configure with the way the system is set up.

At the moment there is only one entrance to the homes. This would also be easy to add with a quick edit to the code.

Yes, this is in the configuration; you can also edit the code itself.

There are a couple of interiors included pre-configured - as well as a small debug script that will help you add new ones.

The jobs are randomly generated when they’re started and have an equal chance of each location (opposed to some being rarer than others).
This code can be edited if you need it to function differently :slight_smile:

Could you add NPC as a quick config option maybe? Cheers for the reply, Will buy when I get home :house:

Sure! It will be added shortly

Also i forgot to ask, but does this use FiveM’s escrow system? I’m asking so that i know if i have to transfer it to the server account or not :sweat_smile:

Yes, it does :slight_smile:

Hello, is your script standalone

Yes :slight_smile:

I plan on using this script standalone if purchased. What housing shells are being used in the video?

The interiors used in the examples are the ones provided in the vanilla game :slight_smile:

Anychance of a preview video that is a bit more indepth and with less cuts and jumps in it trying to get a better view before purchase

There isn’t much more to the resource than what’s shown in the preview.
This time we went for a cinematic video as opposed to something more informational, but this is what the feature descriptions are for.

In the future, there will be updates and the video won’t be updated as it’s already complete… However, we add the features people request and fix bugs if any are discovered :slight_smile:

Okay well thanks for responding.

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Hey really nice script, bought it yesterday. I would say to add more locations to Rob and maybe add some documentation on how to add more locations the script. I also suggest possibly add a cop limit if possible?

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