Throwable Objects

Throwable Objects
A simple script that allows you to throw weapons and objects


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Targeting Toggle - Switch between the default weapon usage (melee, shoot), and throwing the weapon with a keybind. A few weapons are pre-defined in the script and others are easy to add.

Object Attachments - Included is a configuration option that allows the thrown items to be attached when striking a ped. This can be enabled/disabled if you like/dislike objects sticking out of the peds.

Configuration - There are a few simple configuration options included such as how much damage the victim receives and whether or not to replenish the weapons after they are thrown.

Source Code - The resource comes with the full source code without any obfuscation.

Standalone - Compatible with any framework and does not have any requirements!

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pretty dope!

Can you not pick up random items off the ground to throw or no? I purchased this script and I havent been able to figure out this functionality yet. Reading through the code it looks like I can only throw weapons with this, right?

Just wondering cause the video shows you throwing lamps and props and stuff. Not sure how to make that work.

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No, however, this is something we could add fairly easily if enough people are interested.

In the top of the script there are configuration options, you can change the objects that are thrown.
If you would like more detailed support feel free to send a DM!

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The resource has been updated with optimizations and examples for throwing props

For me doenst work… :frowning: I got a ball and when i press L nothing happen, the knife looks like drop on the floor without press nothing

Is it possible you have any conflicting scripts?
Something that manages entities or anything of that sort could cause an issue.

We offer support through the link included in the script if you are not able to solve this yourself :slight_smile:

You can always try the free version OfficialNoms/qrp_throw: Yeeting with your friends (

It’s the same shop? Because i pay now, will be good if the issue will be fixed with the payed version please