Dynamic Weather

Dynamic Weather
Progressive weather systems with zones and forecasts


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Customization - Included is a CSS file that can be used to style the display. You can have the display in the middle, on the side, or wherever you want it. There is also a huge amount of freedom in the configuration, ranging from the weather frequency to temperatures, or even the rate of weather changes.

Forecasts - See the hourly forecast of the weather, including temperature. The forecast display is set for every 3 hours by default and can be changed if you want a longer or shorter distance. The time setting is for the forecast only and not for the weather itself.

Standalone - There are no requirements for this resource.

Weather Display - See the current weather in all of the zones. Don’t want to go to the beach when it’s raining? Check the weather!

Weather Zones - Add any zone you want to have unique weather. This could be at the top of the mountains, in the forest, or anywhere you like. Included with the resource are three zones (Los Santos, Sandy Shores, and Paleto Bay).

Weather Progression - The weather progresses naturally. Clouds can turn into rain (or clear), which can turn into thunderstorms, which turn into light rain, etc.

Weighted Generation - The system was built in a way where it is very easy to add/remove or change the climate. As-is, there will be more sunny days and rainy nights.

  • If the configuration is set to rain=1, sun=1 then it’s a 50/50 chance.
  • If the configuration is set to rain=1, sun=9 then there’s a 10% chance of rain.

Unlimited Potential - There are functions included for getting the current weather as well as the forecast. These can be used with other resources to make the player feel cold/hot, or for things such as rain collectors.

Available on Tebex

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20 eur for this? use cd_easytime it is better

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This is dope! Likely gonna swoop. Like that it has the different zones.
This work onesync infinity and on esx 1.1
stand alone?

is it synced for all and OneSync?

and does it allow for realtime?

Cause I use QB and the weather and time is in one script. and i need realtime.

Yes it is standalone :slight_smile:

It has been tested on OneSync and syncs between clients.
The code should be optimized for a large player count.

The day length is set to 48 minutes (GTA default)
This is a config option and if you want a real timescale the value just needs to be set to 1440.


we have two server restarts and realtime for germany, is it possible to get it always on realtime, even after server restarts?

i can only buy it, when the realtime would work the same as now, that is bound to the realtime the host machine has.

works flawless, the night transitions could be better.,
Sometimes going from one zone to another can bring a different time of day. Outside of that the weather transitions between zones are smooth and can tell you are driving into rain which is pretty wild.
either that or the jazz cabbage was extra spicy tonight

Super easy to do with the server restarts, just need to modify one or two lines of code.
We are willing to help you with this if you need :slight_smile:

where can I contact you, when I need help? Gonna buy now and want it with realtime
some qb-scripts are depended on qb-weathersync, is it just copy and paste or do i have to make edits to the other ones, you know that?

curious how you get real time on your server?

Have you had anyone report it being really bright during rain? We have no other weather scripts on and it seems to only be people without any visual mods.

is this shell support ?

Hello how do I do that with the real time after server restart ?

Would it be possible to add a Admin/Moderator Menu to Skip/Set the time to a certain Time or change the current Weather?. And would it be Possible to put Custom Weather Chances to every Zone. (So that its more likely to Rain in Paleto Bay then in Sandy Shores and so on)

And the Zones themself seem to be broken. Vinewood/Vinewood Hills/Central/Rockford/Vespuci are Set as Sandy Shores when they should clearly be Los Santos

Inside the readme (recently updated) you can find contact information.

As many people are requesting this feature it is going to be added to the resource :slight_smile:

Yes, this is simple however requires basic programming knowledge

The weather zones that are included are cut off under bridges (to add immersion while driving under them). Use SetDebugBlips to view the zone blips, you are also able to change the names or coordinates :slight_smile:

does the city blackout includes in this?

i think is not

You have so many cool mods! Thanks for all your work :partying_face:

There is no blackout option included, but it would be simple to add to the random generation with a few modifications, if you need help we offer support!

Thank you for the support! We will keep releasing things!

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With Realtime Options ?