Contract Killings

Contract Killings
Procedurally generated hitman missions with various requirements and scenarios.


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Procedural Generation - There are no coordinates used in the scripts configuration, this means no data entry! Each mission is generated dynamically and will be unique. Specific zones can be enabled/disabled in the configuration.

Create Contracts - Pay money to open a hit on another player. You can tell the contract is for another player by the three question marks located in the ‘Escort Difficulty’ field when selecting a contract. This feature contains its own interface.

Progression - When starting, there will be 2-3 contracts available and they will be easy. As more contracts are completed they will increase in availability and difficulty. The progression can be disabled or configured to be easier or more difficult.

AI Partner - When accepting a contract there is a chance you will get a partner (default 20%). The generated NPC will get in your vehicle and shoot the target on sight. This can be adjusted or disabled.

Mission Requirements - Some missions will require certain rules to be followed to be successful, these are based on the star rating of the mission. Listed below are the requirements included by default.

  • Hit & Run (kill the target with a vehicle)
  • Melee Only (no guns are allowed)
  • Stealth (eliminate the target with a stealth kill)
  • Silent Killer (use a silenced weapon)
  • Walk-Up Only (no drive-bys)
  • Kill Confirmed (take a photo of the body)

Target Security - The target will spawn with security guards based on the star rating of the mission. They can spawn walking, in an escort car, or in the target’s vehicle. Each guard has a weapon generated based on the configuration.

Target Friends - Each target can have friends to make the target look more natural and blend in with the environment. They will follow the target or do whatever the target is doing.

Target Information - Once you have accepted the contract and entered the area, you will receive a few texts with vital information. These texts will contain the whereabouts and description of the target, as well as other information such as what the target is doing (smoking a cigarette, drinking a beer, lifting weights, etc).

Simple UI - Included is an interface used to browse and accept the contracts. It includes information such as the location, difficulty, and reward for completion.

Radial Blips - By default the resource uses large radial blips to show the general area of the target. If the target is in a vehicle the radius will be larger, and if they are on foot it will be smaller. The target isn’t always in the center of the radius and sometimes it can take time to search for them. There is an option in the configuration to turn on blips for the exact target location.

Vehicle Activity - The target can be a driver or passenger in any of the vehicles included in the configuration. The vehicles will wander in the area that is originally given, and the zone on the map will update and shrink as time goes on.

Standalone - There are no requirements for this script! It will work with any framework (ESX, VRP, QBUS, etc)

Available now on Tebex.

PS: This resource works well with Gang Activity.
We have made a discounted package with the two resources available here.

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So is the targets always npc or can be online player as well?

Both! You are able to create contracts on other players using their server ID.

Hello, is this open source?

For the most part, you will be able to edit it as you need. We also offer great support and updates!
The configuration file itself is ~350 lines of code.
All of the server-side code is available, the only part that is protected is a portion of the client code.


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Where are the instructions to upload to
FiveM server?

There is a readme file attached with additional information :slight_smile:

Open source? or Lock ip?

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It is not IP-locked. This resource uses FiveM’s asset distribution :heart:

need an update where it resets the contracts on a timer. Right now it only resets them with a server restart. So you only get three contracts and then you have to wait till the server restarts.

Will be updated in the next few days :slight_smile:
Sorry for the wait

bwhahaha didnt realize i put 2 in my cart OPSIE!

This should not be the case… It is currently listed at £29.99

Has been updated with optimizations and a cooldown feature

Hey sorry, how do I make it so it actually adds money to my bank or cash on QB? I see it says compatible but it isn’t putting it in my inventory rather just saying I made money.

Open a ticket using the information located in the readme and we can help you :slight_smile:

All npcs spawn on the power lines then I aim and they fall idk :man_shrugging:t5:

This was one of the things that should have been fixed in the update yesterday…
Are you using the latest version?

Has the pricing changed or am I doing something wrong? I see it currently at £46.81.