Global Garages

Global Garages
Advanced garage system with a natural feeling. Requires OneSync.


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Session-Based Storage - Enter different garages at the same site, at the same time as other players. Other players can join the same sessions, for shared garages, or with something like invitations. For example, the “Vespucci Garage” can contain more than 10-20 garages being accessed simultaneously, each having a unique set of cars.

Synchronization - While inside the private garages, the player and the garage contents are not visible to the players outside of the garage. Exiting the garage with a vehicle spawns it in the main session, visible for all other players.

Persistence - Vehicles are safe in the garage, and will not delete/despawn. The garages save all of the vehicle visual and performance modifications, as well as things such as steering angles, turbo pressure, engine, and body health, and wheel data.

Unrestricted - Add garages anywhere! There isn’t a limit to the number of garages that can be added. They can be for cars, planes, boats, or even go-karts!

Force Access - Access any garage by force. This can be used for police access, shared garages, invites, or admin purposes.

Easy Integration - As-is, the script is configured for ESX but does not require any framework. There are events when cars enter/exit garages so that they can be hooked up to insurance, charge money, or any other script that needs this information.

Garage Restrictions - By default there are a few restrictions in place, these can be removed or configured. For example, the player can not enter with a stolen vehicle or any other player’s car.

Source Included - The resource comes with the full source code without any obfuscation.

Standalone - Compatible with any framework and does not have any requirements!

Available on Tebex

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I think you got the meaning of open source wrong.

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Feel free to explain?

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For someone that doesn’t play FiveM sure knows a lot about it


The term open source refers to something people can modify and share because its design is publicly accessible

What you might mean by:

Is that the source code of your script can me modified and is accessible once bought, but this isn’t Open Source at all!

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Thank you for the explanation!
The post has been updated, apologies for the grammatical error. :slight_smile:


looks nice!

Yep. FiV3m d3Vs be like. I like to do other stuff non-related to fivem.

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someone seems to have an ego, huh? guess you have no clue who Bombay is or what he’s done for the community. which you seem to not have done anything useful for.

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Bombay who?

Super creative. I love the mindset!

Where to download Polyzone ?

PolyZone can be downloaded here :slight_smile: