Art Theft

Art Theft
This resource allows you to cut paintings by moving your mouse in the correct direction.
You will be able to sell, place, and even collect them with inventory integration!



If the video doesn’t load click here for the preview

What’s included?
Environmental Theft - Any painting in the world can be stolen as long as you have a knife in hand (knife requirement is optional)

Painting Placements - Paintings can be added to the walls in-game, by standing near them (recommended to integrate with an inventory)

Inventory Integration - There is an included inventory for the paintings if you would like the script to be standalone, there is also code included that can be modified to use ESX, vRP, or another framework’s inventory!

Mission Generation - Create missions by defining guard spawns, paths, and painting locations. It is very simple and there is an example included.

Sell Prices - Set the value of the paintings
Sell Locations - Set where the paintings sell
Missions - Set where you enter/exit, find paintings, and/or guards
Guard Scenarios - Set which scenarios the guards perform while patrolling (smoke, sit, etc)
Guard Detection - Send police alerts, etc. By default the guards attack with a flashlight.
Ambient Paintings - Set which paintings are available to generate/steal
Static Paintings - Set paintings that are spawned on script start

You are able to use your own images on the paintings.
An example is now included!

Check out the resource on Tebex!


nice script

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Thank you!

is it possible to change the images on the paintings?

Yes, this process is fairly simple.
An example will be provided in the near future :slight_smile:

If i not integate with an inventory would that be a problem?

No need for an inventory!
The resource is fully standalone and does not have any requirements.

The post and resource have been updated with an example of custom textures