An advanced system that allows you to grow skills and unlock abilities.


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Passive Leveling
Level your skills by playing the game as you normally would.
Skills are leveled up by certain activities, here are some of them:

  • Boxing
  • Breathing
  • Climbing
  • Drifting
  • Driving
  • Endurance
  • Flying
  • Running
  • Shooting
  • Stealth
  • Stress Resistance
  • Swimming

Unlockable Abilities
You are able to add abilities for the players to unlock after reaching a certain level
A few examples of the abilities already included:

  • Breathing 15 - Breathe 15s longer underwater
  • Breathing 30 - Breathe 30s longer underwater
  • Endurance 15 - Run 10% longer
  • Memory 10 - Skills are retained for 10% longer
  • Running 10 - Run 5% faster
  • Running 30 - Run 10% faster
  • Strength 20 - Deal 5% more damage
  • Strength 20 - Take 5% less damage
  • Weapons 15 - Have 10% less recoil


Skill Degradation
Skills degrade naturally - and some faster than others.
By default, this is very slow, for most skills it takes about an hour to lose what is gained in a minute.
The degradation is slower if the player has a high memory skill.
This feature is very easy to customize or can simply be disabled entirely.

Included Activities
Included is a basic script that allows you to gain strength by exercising.
The included exercises are pushups, situps, and pullups.

Resource Integration
Skills are simple to integrate into other resources.
One idea would be pay-raises in jobs, just check the player’s intelligence level before paying them.
Another idea would be item crafting; locking crafting certain items to a skill requirement.
If you need help with this, we offer a service for resource integration :slight_smile:

Experience Multiplier
This is a great feature that can be used for double XP events, or as something that’s given to premium members for supporting the server.

Math Functions
Functions have been included for the following

  • Experience in level
  • Experience to next level
  • Level from experience

Discord Support
Included events and webhooks for when a player levels up their skills

Available as a subscription here
Or as a permanent purchase here (limited availability)
For the first three purchases, we are offering a resource integration setup for free.
This resource is also available as a part of a package here.

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This is already an abuse, that I have to pay every month for this scripts, by God, the subscription is canceled, I no longer have scripts, and ask for the € 15 that I paid.

please fivem team, can you clarify this?

Unfortunately, this is an issue with Tebex…
We have fixed this for you and you should now have access

thank you, I was ashamed of this, I say every month, no this no, thank you and sorry

but you don’t have to pay more, right?

No, it will stay as it is :slight_smile:

can use exports or rewards for complete some levels you got rewards ?

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There are functions to add experience and events when the player levels up (this is how the webhook alerts work)
It should be fairly easy to add rewards, but we are here to help you if needed :heart:

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Im confused? Is this a one time purchase or a £12 a month subscription for a script???

I agree, the subscription function for scripts should be banned as a hurry. Once you buy and finish you shouldn’t be able to take out any subscriptions

and how do you get the information interface with a command?

this is one time payment or subscription every month ?

hi i have a problem everyone on the server is synced on the skills? so everyone is seeing the same stats

Yes it needs to be changed to one time. Subscription based is not really ok here.

Originally it was a subscription to make the script have a limited availability
This has been changed and now there are three options to acquire the resource

I’m out. honestly think you have over shot this.


Same, I was interested in the beginning but after seeing the purchase options and the price Im out.

What ??? A sub for something that has problems and is synched for everyone so many people see the same stats whiel others see other stats? Bruh GTFO go on other sites if u wanna sell those kind of broken scripts.

You and your store should be blocked from fx. Gotta build up a petition against this guy.
It’s even more cringe than that guy with his “rags & riches” thing that wanted to charge 60€ for every update on the SAME building.

I shouldnt have bought this script… Everyone in the server skills the same character, anyone who opens /skills menu they are seeing the same level and I checked the JSON file and there is only character (named as “none”) and every player using that character… Has this script been tested with multiple players?

Please take a look at the readme file… This resource requires setup before use.

If you are having trouble with the setup we do offer support! Please ask for help before complaining.