LoadingScreen v2 - FiveM Loading Screen

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argus-rent-preview blue-garage-review cyber-hud-review
report-menu-review loading-preview case
Code is accessible YES
Subscription-based STANDALONE
Lines (approximately) 350
Requirements STANDALONE
Support YES

What is the diffrence ?

Maybe you should rip your eyes out and throw them in the trash :smile: :smile:

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So what does this loading screen offer that other ones paid and free offer? Do you offer anything different compared to them. I been using a free loading screen for years and wondering what you offer that is different.

These guys always sell scripts that look nice with their UI but never usually work very good

What exactly is the relevance? Are you defending the store where you go to every topic and make your staffing, be a little original, let your personality sit, you can understand the difference by watching the video, but I’m not sure you have the technical knowledge to understand this because you were defending the store that designed files that did not save last time, you probably don’t know what should be done yourself :smiley:

Can you prove the product is not working? Contact us if you are our customer in the ticket, you are probably not even our customer and your biggest mistake may be personal editing Emails and tickets are checked daily and finalized errors are resolved.

I don’t buy the products anymore I used to but support would take too long

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I understand, like every store, we had periods of stagnation, but for the last 5 to 7 months, all active products have been updated, bug reports and requests have been resolved. If you have a tebex-id for your old purchase and you are still getting errors, which I don’t think so, we can provide you with active products as much as your loss, so you will see the quality and error-free product :pray:

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Can confirm. Just fancy css that doesn’t operate well.

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You are not an Eyes customer, why are you writing here for the dark store product we support, do we need to reach out to the authorities and sanction them?

Keep checking us out and maybe you will find something else to emulate. Also, treat your customers properly, your customers are screaming every time your post xd

Not an eyes customer but I bought your trygon hud?

Totally out of touch with your customers. You’re digging yourself a beautiful hole.

Ahaha yes, you came to us from the store where you were a ticket attendant before and we told you what to do because the blame was put on us and we had to explain the situation to someone who did not register vehicle add-ons in customs. Keep getting UI interfaces as png 30x png = 1 ui xdd

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If you have a problem with his trygon hud then please write it in the respective forum post and not here as this post is about his loading screen.

very true

As you mentioned, there was a period where we struggled to cope with the workload, but subsequently, we systematically addressed people’s issues. Now, for the past 5-6 months, we’ve been progressing steadily and error-free. Instead of rushing product releases initially, we focused on resolving our existing files, and currently, there are hardly any errors in our products. We provide support only if compatibility issues arise. If any of our previous customers have been inconvenienced, we would like to rectify the situation. Please help us by getting in touch so we can make amends. :innocent:

First of all, I would like to point out that Trygon hud is used by 500+ customers and more than 200+ of them are active on my discord address.

I see that you are not on my Discord so that you could access and be aware of updates

at least if you’re getting errors you need to come and open a ticket on the uz store discord

When I look in more detail, I see that you received the script as ‘Open Source’ on ‘February 16, 2024’, 3 separate major updates came on this date and the systems were completely changed down to the code structure
(the main reason for changing the code structure was that my customers who switched from v1 to v2 could not find many features that were in v1 but not in v2, so it was coded as a continuation of v1 from the beginning and new designs were added)

(I apologize to the owner and readers that a topic related to uzstore is on a different cfx topic.)

What do you mean by we? Just where you work?

(I have heard rumors about your dissatisfaction with the place where you work, I wish you a straight and decisive line and I wish you success in your business life)

I’m tired of dealing with freaks and people like you, not where I work, be original or go out and breathe.

If it’s that deep inside you, reach out to me and we can discuss it where necessary.
Even by polluting your own forum post you are getting a false to your customers.

Best Regards