[PAID] Eyes Daily Rewards

  • Features:

  • :date: When it detects a month of 28 or more, it resets all time data of the players because it is the beginning of the month, but it can be turned off optionally

  • :partying_face: Since it is JSON based, it does not require an extra installation, install and run it, it is more optimized

  • :heart_hands: There is a Collected option, which keeps the presents received by the player in the data

  • :palm_tree: Editing items is simple, if you open source we will be happy to help you with your special requests

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argus-rent-preview blue-garage-review cyber-hud-review
report-menu-review loading-preview case
Code is accessible YES
Subscription-based [ESX / QBCore]
Lines (approximately) (LUA 100 - JS 75 - CSS 200+)
Requirements [ESX / QBCore]
Support YES
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will it reset after someone missed one day?

This will pull the date on the server’s machine, which is completely dependent on you, if you do not want it, it will be closed. There is no problem, or we do not do this in example xx steamid, we will help you with personal arrangements

Perfect :hot_face: