[ESX - QBCore] Argus Vehicle Shop

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Code is accessible YES
Subscription-based Depends on the situation:
Lines (approximately) 700
Requirements ESX & QB
Support YES



@EyesStore I have a question, could I use vip money (custom money) for vehicle prices?

Hello mate, if you take open source and open a ticket, it is enough to change 1 money control under the name if for this, you can do it, but if you contact us, we will help you again. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Oh great, and is it possible to combine both? That is to say, that for some cars the regular money is used and for others the vip money?

If so, I will buy the script today. It looks very good!

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For others, it might be like this: 1 marker region: xcurrency, 2 marker region: xcurrency. Different currencies can be checked against the amount value of the vehicle, but this is a bit complex. If you want to control a different currency, it’s very simple because instead of ‘bank’ and ‘cash’, it will be (‘your currency’, amount). In other words, just one line of code. As I said, open a ticket if necessary, our team can help with coding if needed.

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