Gang Activity

In that instance, I was shot and killed in one shot… The NPC in the vehicle didn’t react at all. When I revived myself, the NPC was stuck in the car, and wouldn’t exit.

I don’t believe I have any resource that effect NPCs… I do wonder though if it’s related to enforcing a newer game build… Have you by chance tested with the server launch parameter +set sv_enforceGameBuild 2189?

How do I do this? I should already be considered an admin in-game. In fact, vMenu lets me kick players. The only commands I removed from all players is the vMenu voice chat menu to enable Mumble VOIP.

Yes, it has been tested on the latest build.

The line where it allows all commands should work just fine as it is in the screenshot…
If you want to allow the command specifically you would do something like this

add_ace group.admin command.forcegang allow

You are also able to run this command in the server console to avoid restarting your server.

I will see if this works the next time I load in… Hopefully this does, otherwise, something else might be borked with my server.

The resource doesn’t include anything that modifies damage at all…
If you are able to send us a private message or open a support ticket and provide more information we should be able to help you fix the issue you’re having.

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