🔑 [ESX][QBCore] Vehicles Keys - Vehicles lock, remote control UI and much more

Vehicles keys

Showcase video


If you are interested in the script you can find it here


Current included languages (easy translatable)

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese


  • Lock/Unlock owned vehicles by pressing U hotkey (can be edited)
  • Nice UI to remotely control the vehicle doors, the engine and the lock status (more informations below)
  • The remotely controlled vehicle can be chosen in the menu, so you can use the remote control for multiple vehicles
  • Players can decide if all the doors of the vehicle will be physically closed when the vehicle is locked or not (admins can disable this feature)
  • Players can decide if the driver door of the vehicle will automatically open when he unlocks the vehicle (admins can disable this feature)
  • in-game UI admins menu with features described below
  • The player won’t automatically break the locked vehicles window (for example parked NPCs vehicles), now he will be able to do it manually by pressing “E” when a prompt asks him if he really wants to do it, avoiding issues in RP situations
  • When players are trying to open a locked vehicle and the owner of it unlocks it, they won’t destroy the vehicle window as it was happening for certain car lock scripts
  • If a player doesn’t have the keys of a vehicle, to be able to power the engine on he will need to hotwire it
  • If the driving player of a vehicle doesn’t have the keys of the vehicle, when leaving the vehicle he won’t turn off the engine, so he won’t have to hotwire it again
  • Players can install alarm on their owned vehicles (more informations below)

Remote control

  • Nice UI (special thanks to @Rohdiamant)
  • Easily openable by double clicking the hotkey to toggle the vehicle lock (default is U)
  • The current state of the vehicle lights will be shown
  • The vehicle can be locked/unlocked (also have hotkey to do that)
  • The doors of the vehicle can be opened/closed separately
  • The trunk can be opened/closed
  • The hood can be opened/closed
  • Can power on and power off the vehicle’s engine
  • There is a setting tab where the player can customize his preferences about the automatic doors opening/closure features
  • In the settings there is a list containing the available vehicles the player can choose and control
  • When a door is physically closed, the icon will be red, and when the door will be phyisically opened, the icon will be green, allowing the player to know if a door is opened or not from far distance

Admin menu

  • in-game UI menu openable with /vehicleskeys command
  • The admins can define job vehicles plates, so all players with a defined job/grade will automatically have the keys of a vehicle with the specificed plate (for example “POLICE” plate for cops)
  • The admins can define job vehicle models, so all players with a defined job/grade will automatically have the keys of a vehicle model (for example you can set that all members of “ballas” job have the keys of ghetto vehicles)
  • The admins can decide if a job vehicle (both for plates and models) are restricted to job members only, so if someone doesn’t have the correct job, he will automatically leave the vehicle (for example you can restrict military vehicles)

Car lock

  • Animation editable from the admins menu
  • Vehicles can be unlocked/locked both from UI and in a faster way by using the hotkey (default is U, can be changed)
  • Annoying issue that used to happen with older car lock scripts where players destroy the vehicle window, doesn’t happen, please check the demonstration


  • Unowned vehicles will need to be hotwired to power the engine on
  • Hotwire can be enabled/disabled in the admins menu
  • Hotwire animation can be edited in the admins menu
  • Hotwiring time can be edited in the admins menu


  • Alarms as usable items, players can use them close to their car to install them easily
  • The time to install the alarms can be edited in admins menu
  • 4 different alarms levels/types:
    • Level 1 alarm: This alarm will start the acoustic alarm of the vehicle, the duration of it can be defined in admins menu
    • Level 2 alarm: This alarm will notify the owner of the vehicle that his vehicle is being stolen, telling him the location of the vehicle when the alarm started
    • Level 3 alarm: This alarm will tell to the vehicle owner the location of its vehicle for the duration admins decide, so this is an radar alarm
    • Level 4 alarm: This alarm will work as the level 3 alarm, but alerting also the police
  • You can add the alarms items anywhere you prefer to (for example in shops)

Cars keys list

  • The vehicles keys menu list can be opened with the default hotkey , (the comma)
  • The player can give the owned car keys to the closest player
  • The player can throw the temporary keys he doesn’t want to use anymore
  • The player can switch the vehicle lock, so players who have received a copy of the key won’t be able anymore to lock/unlock the car


  • Allows to open locked vehicle, this differs from destroying the vehicle window because with a lockpick, the alarm will start only after the vehicle is hotwired
  • Can choose the item name in admins menu
  • Can choose if losing the item or not

Engine hotkey

  • The engine can be turned off or on quickly with an hotkey (default is G, editable from admins menu)

Jobs Creator integration

The script already has integration for Jobs Creator script, so it won’t need any manual integration


You can find the script documentation here

There are already some tutorials to help you to integrate your scripts:


Client side while idle

Server side while idle


  1. Download the script.
  2. Extract wherever you want into your resources.
  3. Add ACE permission vehicles_keys to allow admins using the menu(example below).
  4. Add ensure vehicles_keys in your server.cfg

How to add ACE permission?

You should place this in server.cfg, and editing it with your license

add_ace group.admin vehicles_keys allow # Add permission to group

# Can also be identifier.steam:steamid
add_principal identifier.license:1260e6efd3271584d7ed05n45cbf41575252acbc group.admin # Add player to the group

If you didn’t add the permission, the vehicleskeys command will show you exactly what you need to copy paste in server.cfg, with your license included!


The script uses the FiveM asset escrow system


  • ESX or QBCore depending on the version you choose
  • A database and a script like mysql-async or oxmysql
  • baseevents script (default from FiveM resources, you probably already have this)
  • Onesync enabled
  • esx_menu_default
Code is accessible No, but you can use the documentation of the script for the integrations
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) More than 2000
Requirements Written above
Support Yes

Omg this is exactly what I’ve been looking for every feature I’ve wanted this is so amazing.

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Thank you, I’m glad you like it :grin:

Can we choose the notification system? The default GTA one isn’t my forte :smiley:

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Hello, sure you can, this page explains you how :+1:

Car Key share option?

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Hello, the players can give a temporary copy of the owned vehicles keys :+1:

dose this have seat shuffle disable included


Hi, at the moment there isn’t anything for shuffle

Update 1.1

  • Added German translation
  • Added French translation
  • Added Italian translation
  • Added option to disable keys sharing in admins menu
  • Now job vehicles keys will be given even if the player will spawn directly inside in the vehicle

compatible with Quaser?

We use Quasar for inventory and garages. IE: would this lock the truck inventory from being opened.

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1 thing would be nice to include is a ui to change seats and something so passenger seat doesnt shuffle to driver automatically. most other scripts that do this also include some of the features of your script so im afraid it might confilct or at the very least would be kind of redundant.

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Hello, that depends on your script, if it let open the drunk when the vehicle doors are locked or not

Update 1.2

  • Now the hotwire function can be edited, to allow integrating minigames (client/hotwire.lua)
  • Fixed a bug with initial loading of the player
  • Added different translations for 3D text and normal text, to allow using the key icon
  • Added fix for NPC vehicles without doors that couldn’t be entered at all
  • Added Spanish translation
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I really love that Script, in my opinion its better than everything you can find outthere.
Good Work mr. JSam :^)


Thank you very much :grin:
god Shiro :wink:

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Now in documentation there are many tutorials for some common scripts :grin:

At the moment, there are tutorials for:

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Update 1.3 + 1.4

  • Added possibility to remove automatic engine start (in menu settings)
  • Added possibility to completely disable window destroy action, in all vehicles (sv_integrations.lua)
  • Fixed engine that couldn’t be turn off when inside the vehicle
  • Added the possibility to automatically refresh the owned vehicles each X seconds (can be enabled in sv_integrations.lua)

After Talking about paar things with other customers
i had another idea what the script could have too

atm if the car is locket you can break the glass, it would be more RP Friendly
if the script checks for an Item and if that item is in the inventory of the player
(lockpick for example) it doesnt break the glass, instead it lockpicks the door

For the Admin Menu could be options for setting up the animation and time for lockpicking
and an input where you can name the item (lockpick)

And a difference between Lockpicking and breaking the glass could be
if you break the glass the alarm goes off with the breaking of the glass
and for lockpicking the alarm goes off after finishing the Hotwire.


Can I remove the Hotwire feature and press E to break glass stuff

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