🧾 Billing UI [ESX][QBCore] - Bill players by clicking on their character

Billing UI

This script makes sending invoices easier, allowing the players to choose the person who should receive the invoice, with a simple click



Video Preview (click me)


  • Makes choosing the target of an invoice easier (configurable)
  • You can use TriggerEvent("billing_ui:activateBillingMode") to easily integrate the billing mode with any script
  • Allows you to define default reasons for each job (configurable)
  • Allows you to define default amounts for each job (configurable)
  • Allows you to choose if players can define and use their own reasons and amounts (only they will see them in the menu)
  • Allows players to create custom amounts and custom reasons
  • You can define a limit for max reason characters and max amount (configurable)
  • Allows players to choose if their job name will be shown before the invoice reason
  • Allows players to choose if the money will be received by the society account or in their bank account
  • If the player who sent the invoice is offline, he will receive the money in the bank anyway
  • Ability to view unpaid bills of players for jobs you choose
  • Requires confirmation from the customer to receive the invoice
  • Low resmon usage
  • You can choose X hours before the unpaid bills will be automatically paid


You can find the script’s documentation here


When idle it’s 0.00ms

When selecting a player to bill it’s 0.03-0.04ms


  1. Download the script
  2. Extract wherever you want into your resources
  3. Configure every config file as you wish
  4. Add ensure billing_ui in your server.cfg


You can find the script here


The script uses the official FiveM escrow system

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Does this work with es_extended?

I’m really interested on the resmon usage :slight_smile:

Yes it works with es_extended (ESX)

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Hi, while idle it’s 0.01ms-0.02ms, while selecting someone it’s 0.05ms

Hello this script is looking beautiful cant wait to try it !

Amazing resource :P. Nice price and works amazing. I had one problem with the script , due to my anticheat, which they helped me fix , in next to no time . Great script , great support

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Amazing I cant wait to get this script

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This is gonna be a life saver thankyou

Looks easy and simple

I finally can stop accidentally billing people

good script ever…!!! :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2:

Nice idea

I can not get this to work? I hit f6 click on the target but the thing UI does not comes up?

Hello, is there any error?

no that’s the thing no server errors or f8 errors ?

Did you add in cl_config.lua default reasons and amounts the job will have?

yes sir.

If you try to restart the script, can you check client and server console to see if anything strange comes up?

Much better than asking players what’s their ID to make an invoice