[Standalone] Easy Allowlist & Queue - Works with Discord roles

Easy Allowlist & Queue - Standalone

Hello everybody, today I present you my new script to make allowlisting players, queue priorities and reserved slots very easy from an in-game menu. This also works connected to discord roles

Showcase video


You can find the script documentation here


:earth_americas: Languages (Easily translatable)

  • English
  • Italian / Italiano
  • German / Deutsch
  • Greek / Ελληνικά
  • Bosnian / Bosanski
  • Spanish / Español
  • French / Français

:white_check_mark: Allowlist

  • Can be enabled/disabled
  • Players who aren’t in the allowlist will have the possibility to send the allowlist request
  • Server admins can easily accept the player allowlist directly from the in-game menu
  • Can use as main identifier Steam / Rockstar license / Discord
  • Can use a Discord role you decide to allow players to get in the server
  • When an admin accepts a player allowlist request, if the main identifier used is Discord, it will automatically give the allowlisted role on Discord to the player
  • When an admin removes a player from the allowlist, if the main identifier used is Discord, it will automatically remove the allowlisted role on Discord from the player
  • New users can easily join your Discord server through the “Join Discord Server” button

:hourglass: Queue

  • When a player connects, if the server is full he will be placed in a queue so he can be informed on his queue current position and the time elapsed
  • Queue can have different priorities (will be explained later)
  • Queue can have reserved slots (will be explained later)
  • If a player crashes when playing, he will be able to join the queue with a higher priority (you can decide how many minutes the player has to reconnect and what priority to add to him)
  • You can set a minimum time before players can join after the server starts, so your server can load properly

:hourglass: Queue priority

  • Players with a higher queue priority will connect before other players in case there is a free slot
  • You can easily create a queue priority for a specific player (Example: server owner)
  • You can easily create a queue priority for a Discord role, so all players with that role on Discord will have the role priority as well (Example: admins)
  • Different priorities will be summed, to allow the player to have an higher priority in case he deserve an higher priority. Example:
    1. Player specific priority = 10
    2. Discord role “Admin” priority = 20
    3. Discord role “Police” priority = 5
      Final player queue priority: 10 + 20 + 5 = 35
  • You can edit the previously created player/roles priorities
  • You can delete the prieviously created priorities

:closed_lock_with_key: Reserved Slots

  • You can create reserved slots, to ensure that specific players / roles will always able to connect
  • You can easily create a reserved slot for a specific player
  • You can easily create a reserved slot for a Discord role (defining how many slots will be reserved for that slot)
  • You can edit reserved slots previously created
  • You can delete reserved slots previously created
  • If a player is in different roles that have a reserved slots, the role with more free spaces will be used

:tada: Discord Features

  • You can enable the discord features to make your job easier
  • You’ll be able to use the allowlist role
  • Allowlist role will be automatically gave/removed
  • You’ll be able to use reserved slots based on Discord roles
  • You’ll be able to use queue priority based on Discord roles


  1. Download the script.
  2. Extract wherever you want into your resources.
  3. Add ACE permission “easy_allowlist” to allow admins using the script (example below).
  4. Add ensure easy_allowlist in your server.cfg
  5. Enable discord features (easy tutorial)

How to allowlist myself?

You can simply send the allowlist request, and to accept it from server console by using the command add_allowlist YourRequestId

How to add ACE permission?

You should place this in server.cfg, and editing it with your license

add_ace group.admin easy_allowlist allow # Add permission to group

# Can also be identifier.steam:steamid
add_principal identifier.license:1260e6efd3271584d7ed05n45cbf41575252acbc group.admin # Add player to the group

If you didn’t add the permission, the allowlist command will show you exactly what you need to copy paste in server.cfg, with your license included!


  • A database and a script to connect to it (Example mysql-async)


If you are interested in the script you can find it here


The script uses the official FiveM escrow system

My other resources









Amazing script! I do have one question though. Would it be possible to have an option to not have the button that is for request allowlist? I only want people that have joined the discord and done everything and got thte role to be able to join.


A cool suggestion for the script is the ability to give rewards in game for specific discord roles? Like if they got VIP they get 10k every month? And you can choose what then get and how often?


Hello @Geerdodagr8, that’s a good idea, it will be implemented soon :+1:
Anyway take in consideration that when you accept an allowlist request, the allowlist Discord role you choose is automatically given to the player

Update 1.1

  • Added the possibility to toggle the “Send allowlist request” button in the menu settings
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That you for that update Pefect fix for what I needed.


No problem :+1:

Update 1.2

  • Added Discord logs for allowlist requests (if you use Discord as main identifier, the request will also mention the player)
  • Removed the default Discord invite, now if the server didn’t setup the invite, the join discord button will be hidden

I put this on my live server and were having some issues. Is there somewhere i can chat with you or open a ticket about this?

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Yes, in the store you can find the support server :+1:


Suggestion: allow the ability to shut off the “request” button while keep the whitelist functionality.

In turn you could use the discord roles for whitelist! Basically a soft whitelist


Hello, you can already disable the request allowlist button and just give the player the role :+1:

SUGGESTION: In game notification of request for anyone who has the the correct permissions.

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Update 1.3

  • Improved menu, now it shouldn’t cause any issue to HUDs
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players without a license to join the server
  • Improved performance on the whitelist verification

Update 1.5

  • Fixed SQL queries that could cause error sometimes (without any consequence)
  • Fixed that sometimes it could happen to exceed maximum players limit
  • Added minimum time before players can connect, so your server can take his time to load properly (they’ll wait in queue)

Update 1.6

  • Fixed a minor bug related to queue
  • In case the bot isn’t available, it will try to reconnect to it each 10 seconds

Great work! :grin:

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Thank you

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No problem :grin:

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Update 1.6.1

  • Added the chance to edit deferrals.lua, so now it’s possible to edit the card when a player connects