[Release] Street Label

Street Label
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This mod will add a slick NUI to the bottom of your players display, showing them various information about their current location on the HUD. This mod will display the name of the street the player is currently on, the name of the street(s) around them, and the village/city/town that they’re in. This mod currently is not customizable as I do not see what users will need to customize from this script, but may find necessary in the future.

This script was based off @Kanersps Basic UI mod and modified/reworked to make this what it is now. If you hadn’t already been able to tell, this script was inspired by @Lt.Caine’s most popular client-side mod known as Player Location Display. I had created this mod as the Player Location Display mod was installed via a client’s FiveM directory instead of being in one place on the server for everyone to have the use for. This is my very first script so please bare with me and thank you for downloading!



  • The left most portion of this mod will display the direction the player is currently facing.
  • The top line of text will display the name of the street the player is currently on.
  • The bottom line will show the name of the street around the player or city/town/village.
  • Many customizable configuration options to make the HUD look to your liking, including colors, size, position, and vehicleCheck.

github project: GitHub - codibez/streetLabel: streetLabel byLowheartrate

I encourage you to go through the manual installation steps in the installation instructions and ensure you’ve received the latest build from the releases page to receive the stable version of streetLabel.

Download & Installation:
This mod is extremely simple to download, if you need further instructions I suggest taking a further look at the Download & Installation Instructions on the GitHub Repository.

Releases | Github Repository | Download & Installation Instructions

  • Download the most recent .zip file/archive from the releases page.
  • Extract the contents to your server-data/resources/ directory.
  • Ensure you’ve added the following to your server.cfg file:

start streetLabel


how do i change where this goes cannot figure it out


Thank u dude awesome,


I’ll just comment the line (each position) for the gray bar on the left because it was over my gas bar and this is beautiful :heart_eyes:

Is that the advanced fuel script i like the hud for that!!

There currently is no easy way to change the entire location of the mod but will try to figure out a way to do so. Only way to change location of it right at this moment is to change the location of each element of the script for every single direction.

EDIT: Update 0.0.1 pushed; Users can now use the config to change position of the mod.

Awe that sucks hopefully you release a config for it?

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For sure, there will definantly be a config file for the plugin soon to change things such as the position, color of each text field, etc.

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Change position…HOW???

Update will be pushed here very shortly which allows users to adjust position. Please standby

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V 0.0.1

Added configuration file so users can now adjust the position of the HUD to their liking. Read more about this update in changeLog.md located on the GitHub project. Big thank you to @Briglair for explaining exactly how to do this and make this update possible.

very nice idea good GUI :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you very much, I appreciate it!

I don’t see it anymore since the update :confused: Any idea why ?

The hud is too big for me, made it a little bit smaller, but when the direction that player faces changes it moves the hud everytime, which is kinda annoying. So far - great script, thank you.

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Thank you for the feedback I can add a something in the config to adjust the scale of the HUD and more. Will be coming out shortly!

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Update? Still working fine for me.

This is just PLD Player Location Display

As the description of the script says (that you clearly did not read) : “If you couldn’t tell this script was inspired by Lt. Caine’s3 most popular client side mod known as “Player Location Display”11. I made this server side mod as I am aware that the Player Location Display mod was installed via a clients FiveM folder instead”

I made this script so servers could use it instead of each client having to manually install it if they want a HUD like that. I also made some change(s) to the script that PLD doesn’t currently have to my knowledge, being able to move the HUD around to users liking. More updates will be coming soon for other customization options!

I would also be nice if you added size in the cfg file

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V 0.0.2

Adjusted the configuration file so users can now adjust the color of each element on the HUD to their liking. Read more about this update in changeLog.md located on the GitHub project.