[Release] Area of Roleplay / Peacetime Display

Hi There, This is my First Release on the FiveM Forums. :snail: :smile:

What kinda script is it?
This script shows the Area of Roleplay and Peacetime Status.
When you are inside a car it shows your plate text, Speed in MPH, RPM and Gear!

Requirements and Permissions
None, This script is standalone and uses Ace Permissions.

Why choose the script instead of the others?
There is similar scripts that has been released but they usually only allows one or two words. This one allows you to have how many as you want. Example:

This script was for a Community, But they didnt want it so I decided to release on the forums instead

Can I edit and reupload it?
Yes, Aslong as you tag me LaLord or just add Credits: Big Yoda

I recommend you download [Release] Street Label from @lowheartrate
Use the coordinates that exist in the file to replace the empty space.


Thanks to @FAXES For the inspiration from his AOP/PT Script

Check that out here: [Release] Area of Patrol - Set AOP - Ft. Draw Text, Peacetime & More [AOP] [3.2]

Check Vespuras Ace Permission Guide for explaination how to add perms for it

Version 1.2
Added Sync issue with Peacetime

Remember to Change the Teamspeak or Discord IP/Link

As I rarely do FiveM developing, No support will be given out.

Have a great day!


best aop everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

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So nice keep up the good work!

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@BigYoda i put my steam hex into the permissions.cfg and still it tells me that access got denied for me to use the commands

I messed a thing up, Redownload it and then put this in your server.cfg
exec resource/[The resource Name]/permission.cfg
start [The resource name]
or You can just put the things inside the permission.cfg into your server.cfg

still same thing : Yoda AOP. insufficient permission
steam hex is in permissions.cfg

You should put it on GitHub imo

Took me 10 minutes but there is Github link now :wink:

keep up the good work!


You should only release the MPH, Gear ext because for the AOP Faxes is way better

Any way to get it without the permissions?

Also you didnt include warmenu.lua, Is that needed?

Yes, Remove these lines IsPlayerAceAllowed(source, "yoda-aop")
TriggerEvent('chatMessage', source, {255, 255, 255}, "Yoda AOP: Insufficient Permission")
No, I forgot to remove it from the __Resource.lua

put steam hex in, still says no perms to use the commands

Make sure the steam hex is all lowercase. Try that

Hey the AOP thing does not Evan pop up on the screen and the permission thing wont work. But when i get in a car the car stuff pop up.

how are you supposed to change aop while in the game with everyone else?

Using /aop This is your AOP
20 charrr

does this conflict with vMenu, being that they both use .cfg file named permission?

if peacetime is enabled, people that join still see disabled