[RELEASE] B1G_PlateRemover - Remove plates from your vehicles


Escape them pigs, now they can´t trace your plate…


With this script, you can put and remove plates from you vehicles(cars,bikes…).


This resource is STANDALONE, but there are some commented lines in the code in case you want to use Mythic_Notifications.


This resource is available on GitHub: https://github.com/CarlosVergikosk/PlateRemover



/removeplate to remove the plates from vehicles !

/putplate to place the plates in the vehicles !


The menu that appears in the video, its a menu from my server, its not a part of this script.

This script is made to work with Kuana_Garage 2.0. If you use other garage system, please care with possible glitches !!

I will provide some support, but dont ask me things that can give me serious mental deceases…
This use this script, you must have a brain.

My Latest Release: B1G_AmmuJob


Please don’t upload archives to github, either upload the code to github or upload the archive to the forums directly


Thanks for the advice!

hello let me tell you that the script is very good from what I saw in the video can be used very well to promote the role,

I have a doubt when taking out and putting registration, does it only work in the same car?

and above all, it’s just aesthetic right?

This is the basic version of the script, it just saves the value from the plate and places it in the car you want, with this base you can edit it as you wish.

Thank you for responding quickly, to which I try to tell me if doing this command in vehicles with owners does not cause a conflict.

Only if it is something aesthetic, an example.

just remove the “numbers” value from the license plate and replace them.

So this script as it sits, remvoes the plate from the vehicle and replaces it onto the car of your choice, effectively giving you that vehicle. I can take off my plate place it onto a much more expensive car and then store it into a garage. Basically an exploit. Any ideas on how to stop that from being done to player owned vehicles?

This script is full client side, no way that can happen :wink:

thank you very much, modify or adapt it to make progress bar standlone work


sure, it can do it soon

I think he is referring to garagescript that checks for platenumber when storing a vehicle. Have you got a cheap car you put in garage… take it out take the plate off and put on a different car and then try to store that vehicle.


Thats impossible, it just changes the text im the prop, nothing is modified server sided !!

I created a pull request which contains some additional checks, as well as cleans up and comments the code. Let me know what you think.

So i have spent the last 15 mins trying to get this to work on my server so i can show you want i am referring to. The latest version on github has a few Capitalization errors for coords when checkind distance should be Coords… and then when putplate function vehicle should be Vehicle. I am uploading a video now that will explain what i mean by this can be exploited on a server with garage.


I would like to check that video asap :wink:

or give me your server ip and i can show you now on your server. if you use a public garage release.

but i am creating and will have it uplaoded in a few mins.

I wasn’t able to test the code before the pull request, so if there’s any issues, I’ll fix them in a few hours when I get home :+1:

Just fixed it :wink: (thanks @SpikE_Odets)

I use Kuana_Garage, its a more real system, avoids a lot of bugs and glitches like that one !

Anyway, i believe thats impossible, because the changes are only visible, i dont interact with the server itself