[RELEASE] B1G_AmmuJob - Ammunation job with with weapon pieces system


Make your own business piece by piece !


This is a society script, allows you to have a society (AmmuNation), where you can buy and sell weapons, to buy the weapons you need to farm them in a specific location.


This resource uses and requires ESX. ESX must be installed and working.


This resource is available on GitHub: https://github.com/CarlosVergikosk/LP_AmmuJob

REPLACE AmmuNation Armored Truck: STOCKADE.zip (3.8 MB)


Feel free to costumize this script, you find some bugs, please report them to me!

Currently, the locales are in Portuguese, but feel free to change it to you language!

Based on ESX_Policejob.

My Other Release: B1G_PLATEREMOVER


Pictures or videos showing your work?

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I was uploading :smiley:

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Removed discord mention. Not allowed outside #server-development:server-bazaar

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So are you farming the weapon peices so you can sell the guns at the shop to ppl ? Or you need to farm them just to buy in general?

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Where can i find the harvest coord?

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You need to farm pieces. to then buy the guns.

With this system, ammunation isnt just a money maker, they need to kinda “work” for it too.

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Go to config file, its the Garage zone

ok i found but im boss and it says i m not experienced enough?

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Client line:1264 , check if thats your job name…

function OpenAmmuHarvestMenu()
if Config.EnablePlayerManagement and ESX.PlayerData.job and ESX.PlayerData.job.name == ‘ammu’ then
local elements = {
{label = _U(‘weapon_piece’), value = ‘weapon_piece’}



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Check if you have EnablePlayerManagement true

its on true i havent changed any code

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Thats the only condition where you get that message, make sure you have all the requesites

what you mean all requesites?

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you need to have playermanagement true, you need to have a job and that job must be ‘ammu’

Hello I took your ammujob script and created a new rank (here is the list of my ranks Recruit, Salesman, Team Leader and Boss) and I would like recruits not to be possible. weapons and drop in the faction chest.

Take the gun from the gun stock to sell it in addition to the rookie features.

The team leader can do as the boss ie Buy the weapons and store them etc.
Ammu is removed from the mini map and the features of the in-game script are no longer usable yet no error in the cmd. A solution please?

Sorry for my English I’m French

Do you speak portuguese ? i can see by your name that you are at least from portuguese families… but anyway… are you asking for support or for help to develope even more my script?

I am indeed of Portuguese origin but I do not speak the language sorry ^^

I’m not very good but I like to look how to do it however I do not know what I’m doing so I should rather support a blow like that I learn at the same time ^^

For now, im not supporting costum versions, but in the future, i can add more features, anyway, you can take a look on esx_policejob ranking system, and copy it to my script