[RELEASE] [OLD-ESX] MechanicJob | Props | Elevators | Menus | Costumization Stations


A New Way of Roleplay, Props, Carlifts, RadialMenus, CustomYmaps, Improved Script!


This script contains:

Modular CarLift
esx_lscustom(3 sections)
Harvest System
Craft System
Prop system
Radialmenu with animations (Check Config.Lua)


The notification system uses Mythic_Notify - You must have this resource.

The Animations Menu in Radialmenu is currently desactivated, i recommend you to go check Config.Lua for more information about, how to activate it.

You must have esx_vehicleshop

Import the .sql file into your database.

To upgrade vehicles, you need to have money in your society!

Any problem/bug please report!


This resource is available on GitHub: CarlosVergikosk


Theres is a station to modify your car in the CarLift, there, you can only change Turbo, engine etc

These are the props that you can use, but feel free to add more, but please share it with the community!

Here is the paint station, you can change the colors from the car, wheels, etc

This is the outside, i changed the original ymap.

This is out radial_menu, here you can send bills, wash cars, make animations, use props etc.

This is one of our animations(props), you can carry a trolley around ahah.





This script is based on esx_mechanicjob and esx_lscustom
This script contains code/ymaps that i took from the following releases
Deep changes have been made to most of the scripts, i just started from those bases


Credits to all the creators that made this possible!!

I will provide some support, but dont ask me things that can give me serious mental deceases…
In order to use this script, you must have a brain.

My Latest Releases: B1G_NOTIFY

My Latest Releases: B1G_CHOPSHOP

My Latest Releases: B1G_PROPS

My Latest Releases: B1G_AMMUJOB

My Latest Releases: B1G_PLATEREMOVER


I like the idea of this, But seems that youve just got a few resources and stuck them together which other server owners can do them selfs?


Go check the code, everything i used from there i changed, and i mean deep changes :wink:


u sure? the carlift looks like exactly similar

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The mechanic carlift its the same, no need to change, but the way to interact with it its diferente, in order to optimize the script.

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is there an English option

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Nope, but you you want to make one, i would be glad to add it ! make a commit on my github post !

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The comments in here are just ridiculous. The guy edited heavily the scripts,gave credit, and more important is giving to the community. And you just know how to criticize??And worst not even constructive. We are all about sharing,have a quick look at the code,and if by any chance you guys can actually read code you’d see that is actually heavily edited.
Keep up the good work


Seems to be very nice. But on my screen there is no carlift or anything :C

I would love an English version if possible. Looks great! Will give it a try once you release the English version.

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Emm fix?

es_extended: TriggerServerCallback => [esx_mechanicjob:getVehiclesPrices] does not exist

@Valur Now i can see that error too

@Valvur I have the same error. Ymap is loaded but script is not working

i get that too

hopefully he has a fix

also goes on vrp?

This is ESX, try the new version, i havnt tested!

nope still doesnt work

error https://imgur.com/a/LtqVXlC

  • when you start tuning, you cant ride that car anymore.