B1G_VehicleHUD V1 - OPTIMIZED with Speed, Fuel, Compass, Streets, Belt, Cruise, and Engine damage


Video Preview: Here

Vehicle HUD

Features :

  • Very light, 0.04ms while showing with everything running, really nice to analise and learn how to optimize your resources.
  • Standalone.
  • Circular progress with speed.
  • Circular progress with fuel.
  • Icon for Belt when off.
  • Icon for Cruise control when on.
  • Compass with the headings.
  • Street and avenue’s names.

I know the circle hud is like some huds out there, i took some inspiration from those very nice looking huds :wink:

This is made for 16:9 1920×1080 resolutions, this hud is not responsive.

You will receive an email from me with the resource after the purchase!

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The speedometer looks like it’s from enhanced HUD.

Looks cool but 25 dollars? mehh idk

I took some inspiration yes, the code is different, made in a different way to be more optimized and to integrate the other components :wink:

With taxes included…

Also, low prices means leaks everywhere xD

Future updates are included in the price :wink:

hi, your script is too expensive there is the same free on the web

Dude really good job I just feel like 25 is a little much but good work!

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Leaks dont count mate :wink:

5$ cheaper now, its the less i can do guys… :frowning:

5$ cheaper now.

It looks crazy!

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Yea a leaked version lol

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this includes a seatbelt script? do you rag doll on wreck?

yes :wink:

def interested, just debating. Already have a resource that barely uses anything. Def want to try this out thou, love the compass


Pending theft investigation. Please send the source code to @moderators in a DM.

If any information is needed, we will contact you.