[ESX] B1G_MINING - Different Crystal, Props, Visual Effects & more

B1G_MINING - Different Crystal, Props, Visual Effects & more


EMERALD GEM - Green Crystal

RUBY GEM - Pink/Red Crystal

BLUE GEM - Saphire Crystal

Video Preview Link: Here




  • Highly Costumizable
  • Place to Sell Gems
  • Rocks with visual crystals.
  • Dust when breaking stone.
  • Spark when breaking crystal.
  • Sound when hitting the rock.

What you can easy customize:

  • Items price when selling.
  • Pickaxe tool prop.
  • Add more rocks coords.
  • Change individual rock reset timer.
  • Change number of minerals per rock.
  • Change items names.

You will receive an email from me with the resource after the purchase!

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what you mean ? :smiley:

it’s over the limit can you add limit check?

I mean, i can, but there are people who use weight limit and others that use count limit, so i left it simple so that you add your own system :slight_smile:

you should do like if they have config.Limit = true then it’ll use the limit check and if its off then it won’t use limit check.

its one option, thanks :slight_smile:

you need fix because when you start hit you can walk and go to any place on map and steal mining and get items

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Thanks, will release an update soon :wink:

it’s pretty nice and fun i recommend to everyone and my friend helped me fix my problem too … amazing

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any news?

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Yes, download the new version from the link, the bug should now be fixed :wink:

How can I make this work with the limit system? I purchased it and can’t figure it out. Also, what is the rock reset timer? Thank you!

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reset timer is on config,
limit system is just changing sv side script.

These lines are poorly optimized (photo taken from my profiler)