B1G_HUD V2 - CAR and STATUS HUD - Health, stress, armor, car speed, fuel, compass, streets, and much more!

Vehicle HUD
Status HUD

Video Preview 1: Here

Video Preview 2: Here

  • Tebex link : Buy here! 29.99$ all included.

Vehicle HUD

  • Standalone.
  • Circular progress with speed.
  • Circular progress with fuel.
  • Icon for Belt when off.
  • Icon for Cruise control when on.
  • Compass with the headings.
  • Street and avenue’s names.

I know the circle hud is like some huds out there, i took some inspiration from those very nice looking huds :wink:

Status HUD

  • Default support ESX but easy to adapt to other frameworks.
  • Circular progress with Health, Armor, Food, thirst, Oxygen, and Stress.

This is made for 16:9 1920×1080 resolutions, this hud is not responsive.

You will receive an email from me with the resource after the purchase!

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how hard is it to disable parts. For example, I don’t use stress and wouldn’t need it.


less than 2 minutes, just removed the element and that’s it :slight_smile:


cool, should be simple enough to turn stress into drunk.

Where do I adjust the status part while in a vehicle to make it better fit my minimap


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add me on dscrd, its easier :))

request is from Chip W

Really nice hud :hugs:

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I think you just can replace in the client.lua from stress to drunk with basicneeds :raised_back_of_hand:

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First I have to get any of the status hud to actually show levels. Nothing is showing.

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Will accept now, lets see whats the problem is :slight_smile:

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Nice dude
gg fore your hud

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UPDATED - Fixed a small issue on the statushud.
Please redownload the latest version from the download link.
Thanks for your support <3


that was my issue, thank you for the help. Working perfect now

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Why does everyone publish a script that has been edited and uses code from another script? Why you dont add credits to [RELEASE] Forza Horizon 4 Minimap ?

30$ for that? guys serious… its the same like nui scripts… same scripts, small html & css changes and big money for you guys. This is 90% of the FiveM scene. Sad


i started resource circle came up but map still in old format i stopped old hud script as well

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did yours come up as a square?
like this


yep just like that no status hud etc

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im not using the status hud just the driving hud, was more curious if you having the same map issue

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im having that issue too


You should have the circular hud, please make sure that you have the GTA 5 option “big map” activated as you need it.

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