[PAID][VORP] nss_pinboard


Create bulletin boards where players can pin messages.

  • Configurable locations (prepared locations and ymap are included)
  • Configurable Discord webhook
  • Configurable Blip
    • If no blip is set no blips are shown on the map
  • Configurable prompt radius
  • Optional configurable automatic expiration duration
  • Configurable open key
  • Configurable admin group
    • Admins can use special command to unpin all notices at once (for all locations or specific locations)
  • Configurable job groups (e.g. the sherif can unpin notices)
  • Configurable languages
  • Different notice types: text or image
    • Lighweight text editor for text based notices
  • Day/night mode
  • Full responsive design
  • Sorting notices asc/desc
  • Everything is logged via Webhook



  • VORPCore


  • Read the README.md for setup instructions.
  • This script is encrypted.

:dollar: Pay on → Tebex

Code is accessible No
Lines (approximately) 1100
Requirements VORP
Support Yes

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  • Update v1.0.1 available
    add sorting notices asc/desc

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Update v1.0.2 available

→ Results of automated processes are shown in discord more clear, e.g. “System” instead of character name.

→ Results of console commands are shown in discord more clear, e.g. “Marti McFly (via Console)”.

→ Add Config.DiscordWebhook.system_user_alias to config file, see example in config.demo.lua.

→ Add key discord_console_command to languages.

→ Fix to many linebreaks in poster text.

What must be considered during the update?

→ Update your config file with the new Config.DiscordWebhook.system_user_alias value.

→ Update your language file(s) with the discord_console_command key.

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Version 1.1.0 available:

  • Add possibility to pin a new notice everywhere at once. - Permissions of new feature is configurable for groups and character names (full names). - Add new language keys discord_location_everywhere , post_everywhere_at_once , post_everywhere_at_once_every_where and post_everywhere_at_once_only_here . - Update discord webhook to show as location “everwhere” if someone uses the new feature. - Admins always have the permission to use the new feature.

What must be considered during the update?

  • Update your config file with the new Config.PostEverywhereAtOncePermissions value (see config.demo.lua for details. - Update your language file(s) with new keys (see above).

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Version 1.1.1 available:

  • Bugfix: Order of text sections are now correct if inserted between two existing sections.

What must be considered during the update?

  • Nothing. No configs or languages has been changed.