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nss_ped_menu introduces a dynamic ped selection system, allowing players to transform into various NPCs, enhancing the role-playing experience in your RedM server.


  • Diverse Ped Selection: Offers a wide range of ped models, including humans, animals, birds and mythical creatures.
  • In-Game Preview: Players can preview their chosen ped model before finalizing their selection.
  • User Permission Control: Access to the ped menu can be restricted based on user permissions.
  • Proximity-Based Menu Interaction: The script intelligently closes the menu if a player moves too far from the preview point.
  • Optimized for VORP CORE: Seamless integration with the VORP CORE framework.
  • Debugging Features: Includes debug options for troubleshooting and server management.
  • Localization Support: Ready for multi-language support to cater to a diverse player base.
  • Know how it works: Everything is documented in detail in the README.md



  • nss_libs(version 0.27.1 or higher)
    • needs VORP framework, too
  • vorp_core (version 2.3.0 or higher)

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The price of the product will increase the more features are added.

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Code is accessible No
Lines (approximately) 800+
Requirements VORP
Support Yes
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:star: nss_ped_menu v1.1.0 available: :star:

This update is optional.

  • Add config option to place menu on screen.

What must be considered during the update?

  • New config options added (see New since version 1.1.0 marks in config.demo.lua ). Please add/update it to your config.lua file.

Are you able to manually input ped model names instead of scrolling through the menu, like is there a custom input selection?


Currently not, but one could add a manual entry of the model via input. I’ll make a note of it for the next update.

Is SetPedUseHorseMapCollision(ped, false) implemented for dogs and cats so that they can walk into houses?

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YES :ok_hand: