[PAID][VORP] nss_quest


Create simple quests.

  • Fully configurable

    • Unlimited quests and quest steps.
    • Totally modular.
    • Configure your own quest dialog backgrounds.
    • Configure requirments and rewards each quest step (based on VorpInventory - items and money).
    • Configure completed quests as prerequisites for further quests.
    • Configure how often a quest can be completed.
    • Optional: Configure styles, like color and shadow of quest title and text.
    • Optional: Configure server side hooks on step completion.
    • Discord webhook available.
    • Prompt radius
    • Prompt open key
    • Languages (EN and DE already included)
  • No frustration: Stores progress persistently in a database.

  • Full responsive design: Suitable for all common screen resolutions.

  • Never miss updates again: Automatic version check included.

  • Know how it works: Everything is documented in detail in the README.md.


  • Questlog
  • Support for daily quests
  • Support for timed quests
  • And all your (useful) ideas :wink:


RedM Script | Nightshift Studio | Quest - YouTube



  • Read the README.md for setup and quest creation instructions.
  • This script is encrypted.
  • The price of the product will increase the more features are added.

:dollar: Pay on → Tebex


  • v1.0.10
  • Initial release
Code is accessible No
Lines (approximately) 1500
Requirements VORP
Support Yes

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nss_quest v1.0.12 available:

  • Internal improvements related to dependency nss_libs (v0.12.0).

What must be considered during the update?

  • nss_quest v1.0.12 requires nss_libs v0.12.0