[PAID][VORP] nss_block_weapon


This script ensures that after an unconsciousness for a certain time no more weapons can be used.


  • Block using weapons for a specific time after respawn from death.
  • Persistent blocking time for offline characters (until server or resource restart).
  • Completely configurable:
    • Configure block time.
    • Configure notification texts (in your own language).
    • Configure notification icons.
    • Enable status indicator with progress bar.
    • Configure status indicator style via config file.
    • Status indicator icon is replaceable (transparent png file).
    • Configure debug mode.
  • Good performance on server and client side.
  • And more…




  • Read the README.md for setup instructions.
  • This script is encrypted.

:dollar: Pay on → Tebex

Code is accessible No
Lines (approximately) 700
Requirements VORP
Support Yes

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