[PAID][VORP] Krueger_Carriages Manufacture


Manufacture of Carriages compatible with GUM and SYN Stables!

  • Configurable
    • Make all kinds of carriages
    • How many and which items you need for a Carriage, you can define yourself in the Config
    • Items may vary for EACH carriage
    • Specify in the Config how long the production will take
    • You can place as many carriage workshops as you want
    • It only works if you have the right job
    • The preview of the carriages will be seen by all players who are with them.
    • Change all texts
    • Once the carriage is completed, they can pick up the carriage from the stable and hand it over to the customer.



  • VORP_core
  • VORP_inventory
  • VORP_character
  • VORP_inputs
  • oxmysql
  • menuapi
  • gum_stables or syn_stable !


  • This script is encrypted.

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Code is accessible No
Lines (approximately) 800
Requirements VORP
Support Yes

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