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This is our first shit script! So it’s literally about shit… not shit itself… you know what we mean.

The nss_poop script opens up exciting possibilities in your game project. With this script, players can obtain and equip a backpack as an item. Once the backpack is equipped, they gain the unique ability to collect horse or animal feces from anywhere in the game world. The act of collecting the feces is animated with visual effects, creating an immersive experience. The collected feces gradually becomes invisible and is ultimately removed.


  • Interactive Backpack: Players can obtain and equip the backpack as an item. Once equipped, they gain the ability to collect horse or animal feces from various locations.

  • Feces Collection: The process of collecting the feces is animated and accompanied by visual effects to provide a realistic and immersive experience.

  • Creative Applications: The script allows you to unleash your creativity. You can provide players with the opportunity to use the collected feces to craft various items, such as fertilizer or other useful objects. You have control over how this resource can be used and the effects it can have in the game.

  • Random Discoveries: In addition to feces, players may also randomly discover other items while collecting, such as a few dollars or other useful items. This adds incentive and rewards for exploring the game world.

  • Keep an eye out for hidden rats that may be lurking within some of the piles. (Yes, rats come out of the shit sometimes)

The nss_poop script offers versatile gameplay possibilities by allowing players to collect horse or animal feces and utilize them for various purposes in the game. Whether it’s crafting fertilizer or exploring other creative applications, the choice is in your hands. Unleash your imagination and integrate this script to provide players with an entertaining and dynamic gaming experience.

Vorp Framework (Vorp Core, Vorp Inventory, Vorp Character)
nss_libs → https://store.night-shift-studio.com/package/5380513

This script is encrypted.
The price of the product will increase the more features are added.

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Code is accessible No
Lines (approximately) 2000+
Requirements VORP
Support Yes

:poop: nss_poop :poop:

nss_poop v1.0.1 available:

This update is recommended.

  • Config.NothingFoundMessage is now used correctly.

What must be considered during the update?

  • Nothing.

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Just more shit nss_poop v1.0.3 available: This update is recommended.

  • Stop wearing backpack on death.
  • Stop wearing backpack on several other events (e.g. hogtied, etc.)
  • Client uses now notify icon and colors from config, too.

This update is optional.

  • Add new poop props (more to find).
  • Move notify icons and colors into config.

What must be considered during the update?

  • Compare the config.demo.lua with your config.lua to consider the new translations.

:sparkles: nss_poop :sparkles:

nss_poop v1.0.5 available: This update is optional if your versions still running.

  • Switch order of required file check after version check to prevent calls of methods that are not available in older versions.

What must be considered during the update?

  • Nothing :smiling_face:

paying for poo?

Don’t we spend money on poop every day? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

:star: nss_poop v1.1.0 available: :star:

This update is optional.

  • Add optional durability system.
  • Switch to NssLibsNotify library of nss_libs (version 0.26.0) for notifications.
  • Use the new NssLibsConfigValidator library of nss_libs (version 0.29.0) for config validation.

What must be considered during the update?

  • Update nss_libs to version 0.34.0 or higher.
  • New language and config keys added (see New since 1.1.0 marks in config file). Please add/update it from the config.demo.lua to your config.lua file.