[PAID][ESX] noHUD - Hunger and thirst notifications!

No more ugly HUDs! Hunger and thirst notifications!

Sick of HUDs or the frustrating search for them? No more searching, congratulations!

This script notifies players when they start to get hungry or thirsty. Also, players will get a notification and visual effect when they are about to die of thirst or starvation.

I myself didn’t find any HUD really nice and I’m not really a fan of it. If you feel the same way, this might be just the thing for you!

infoThirst Screenshot_1


→ Information Message (Hunger)
→ Information Message (Thirst) → Picture 1
→ Information Message (Hunger&Thist) → Picture 2

→ Warning Message (Hunger) → Picture 3
→ Warning Message (Thirst)
→ Warning Message (Hunger&Thist) → Picture 4

→ Visual effect when the player is very hungry or thirsty → Picture 5

→ You can also configurate in which intervall the script checks your hunger and thirst value and sends the notifications!


  • esx_basicneeds
  • ESX

Language support:

→ english and german (Script can be easily translated)

Need more information or pictures?

→ DM or comments

Information and warning range can be defined in the config.lua


Tebex: https://gp-resources.tebex.io/package/4733853
Using Asset Escrow

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Škoda simply clever

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No more ugly HUDs! Hunger and thirst notifications! true this is better

Never liked hunger in ESX. Thanks for this!

Nice Release :heart_eyes: Let me offer you a few ideas.

  • Save data in database
  • Add tired and sleep
  • Add disease


add tired, sleep, disease

You can do this on your own tho

The concept is pretty straight forward as you can just use the esx_status:onTick event.

Would be some shit like:

local stageZero     = 55
local stageOne      = 50
local stageTwo      = 40
local stageThree    = 30
AddEventHandler('esx_status:onTick', function(status)
    for _, v in pairs(status) do
        if v.percent <= stageZero then
            statusNotify(v.name, v.percent)

function statusNotify(status, value)
-- you would need to add check for if they were notified recently but cba for this example
    if value <= stageOne and > stageTwo then
        print("Lightly "..status.."")
    elseif value <= stageTwo and > stageThree then
        print("Moderately "..status.."")
    elseif value < stageThree then
        print("Very "..status.."")

obv i haven’t tested the code but assuming OP here uses the same handler, you could probs modify this resource relatively easily to achieve the same thing. Though it depends on your version of esx_status.

And they use ESX so there is no data to save here. Its just taking the esx status stuff and tossing an esx notification