[FREE][ESX] Sound points - Trigger soundfiles on coords!

Hey guys!

With this script you can easily configure points to play an audio file at the corresponding coordinates.

You can add as many points as you want. You can configure the rang and volume of the sound.
If you need a preview, let me know. Should be self explanatory.

Language support

  • english

Of course you can also add your own language in the configuration!


  • InteractSound
  • ESX

If you have any suggestion or problems let me know

gp_soundPoints.rar (1.3 MB)

I am doing my best and hope you like and enjoy my stuff! :smiley:

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can finally add lockdown sounds

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Can you share your NativeUI?

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Great thank you!

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Hey sure.
Should be this one: [Release][Dev] NativeUILua

Credits: @Frazzle

Thank you, i’ve just tested this script and this is very cool but when i walk to far and go into the building again the music is just gone.

Yeah, if you go out of the range you configured, the playback will stop. If you went back in the range, the sound won’t restart playing. Interact sound unfortunately doesn’t support that. :confused:

Ah okey! Thanks for quick answer :slight_smile:

Doesnt seem to be working for me. No error or anything just not working no clue why.

Did you include the lines from the readme in your Interact sound?
I also added some prints, look at you F8 consol. What does interact sound prints?
Edit: You also need to restart you Server after adding a new sound to interact sound!

just to say that in server / server.lua
there is nothing and it does not work for me and where in readme.txt should it be put?

In fact, I had planned for even more possibilities and options. Unfortunately I didn’t get around to it and forgot to delete the server.lua.
In the readme it says what you have to change in your Interactsound script.

and when there will be a new version?

Very soon. There are only small things that I need to adjust.

New and better Version!